Spielberg to make film in India, to be shot in Kashmir

DreamWorks and Reliance Entertainment to co-produce film.


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NEW YORK: The last time Steven Spielberg set a movie in India, the result was 1984′s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom — a record-breaking box-office smash that also angered Indians due to its inaccurate depiction of their culture. But after a 29-year break, it seems that Spielberg is ready to return to the subcontinent — with a film which will have parts of it in Kashmir, reported Entertainment Weekly.

Spielberg, who is currently visiting Mumbai with his wife Kate Capshaw, tells the Times of India that he’s in the midst of planning a film that takes in India.

“We have finalized a script for a movie that DreamWorks and our partners Reliance Entertainment plan to make together,” the director said. Reliance Entertainment is a wing of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, an Indian conglomerate; its chairman, Anil Ambani, is also a financial backer of DreamWorks.

“Part of it will take place on the India-Pakistan border in Kashmir,” said Spielberg, referring to the hotly contested region that has been the flashpoint for hostilities between the two nations. “But we’re still trying to figure out the casting, locations and who’s going to direct it.”

Spielberg is also publicizing his latest film, Lincoln, which won an Oscar for Best Actor this year.

The 66-year-old director met with Bollywood stars and other Indian film personalities last night, reported The Telegraph. At a party hosted by Indian businessman Anil Ambani, the director met Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, who later tweeted that the director was “scintillating”.

Spielberg recently announced that he would be making a TV mini-series about Napolean, a project originally worked on, and then abandoned, by Stanley Kubrick.

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