Windows 8 gaining favor with consumers

It surpasses Windows XP and Mac OS X in users.

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By Dileep Thekkethil

BANGALORE: Windows 8 is slowly becoming a major player in the OS Market. Reports gathered by Net Applications favors Windows 8 as there is a sizable increase in the number of web users accessing the Internet through Windows 8 OS, which was released five months ago.

Windows 8 gave a totally new user experience with a redefined interface, which Microsoft named “Metro Style”. Since the new Windows OS started shipping there has been a steady increase in the number of existing Windows users migrating to the new Windows 8.

In November Windows was only able to garner 1.9% of total OS market, but in the months that followed one can witness an increase in the number of Windows 8 powered computers which reached 2.26% and 3.17% in the months of February and March, respectively.

Windows 8 surpassed the total users who use Microsoft’s most successful product Windows XP and their arch rival Apple’s Mac OS X. Within a short span of time, Windows 8 has proved a strong competitor to Apples Mac OS and other players in OS Market. If the OS continues to show the same growth till the end of 2013, Microsoft will be embarking on yet another revolution in the PC world.

Microsoft expects more of Windows 7 and Windows Vista users to migrate to Windows 8 in the coming months with easy migration plans already in place for new PC’s that run on Windows 7 platform.

This summer is a testing time for Windows 8. If it survives competition by Apple and other rivals, there is no way of stopping Microsoft’s new OS from becoming the best in the slot. Also the Net Application statistic gives enough worries for Apple as the share of Mac OS X plunged from 6.94% to 5.77%.

Windows 8 upgrade will cost consumers $119.99, while Windows 8 Pro upgrade will cost $199.99, according to the Microsoft website.

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