Empower women, says Modi at FICCI meet

Gujarat CM targets women vote bank.

By R. Chandrasekaran

Gujarat chief minister and a possible prime ministerial candidate for the Parliament elections, next year, Narendra Modi has advocated more power for women.

Addressing the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s Ladies Organization (FLO) in New Delhi for the first time, today, Modi clearly took the occasion to project himself as a savior of women when he advocated empowering women to rid the society of its ills and boost the economy.

Modi has in the recent past reached out to corporate India and the youth, to project himself as the next ideal prime minister of the country.

Modi took the center stage in the FICCI organized event to showcase the achievements of women entrepreneurs in Gujarat and pushed for at least 50 percent of women participation in bringing faster economic development in India. Amul is a well-known global brand and he talked about it as an example of how women from tribal areas in Gujarat have made the dairy movement.

“If we have to create a modern India, we have to take pride in our women and their power. We have to empower them through demonstrable actions. Like in Gujarat, properties registered in the name of women should be free of stamp duty,” he said at the FLO meet. He believes that this would not only provide them an economic status but also help them enjoy the benefits of such empowerment in their family and the entire society subsequently.

While lamenting the fact that most women are not part of decision making in families and society in general, he called for a change in attitude.

Modi had also disclosed that a bill reserving 50 percent seats of the local bodies for women is still pending for approval from the Governor, who has been appointed by the Centre.

FICCI president Naina Lal Kidwai had earlier pointed out how Gujarat had become a gateway to the world from India. She said that the country’s success can be measured by the success of its women.


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