Apple buys HopStop and Locationary

Tech giant not discussing its plans.


By Dileep Thekkethil

BANGALORE: Apple is enhancing its existing mapping service as the California based tech giant bought two start-up companies, specialized in location technology, reported The New York Times.

According to the report, Apple officially announced that they have bought two small companies namely HopStop and Locationary to add more expertise to areas where they lacked perfection in the past. HopStop application gives direction within the city to the users and shows real-time updates regarding traffic delays. Locationary, on the other hand is a Toronto based startup, specialized in maps and mapping data.

According to the Times report, Apple has not disclosed what they intend to do with these companies. The Apple spokesperson, Kristin Huguet was cited saying “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans”.

Motorola’s Moto X Phone unboxing this August

Google acquired Motorola division is planning to launch their debut smartphone Moto X Phone on August 1st at an event in New York City, reported The Times of India.

The invitation sent to the media by Google displays Youth holding Moto X, suggesting that the new phone is targeting the younger generation. According to the Times, a webpage to respond to the invitation said “Come experience the new Motorola. No Stage. No crowds.” The web page requests guests to choose a “session” as one can attend the event at different times in the same venue, in Manhattan.

Motorola was bought by Google in 2012 after the company witnessed a steep decrease in its market.

Secret court authorizes US government to continue phone spying

A secret federal court has reauthorized the US government to collect telephone records as part of their surveillance program, reported

It also says that the Director of National Intelligence has decided to declassify details regarding the surveillance program, including the decision of the court to renew it. The news about surveillance program came to the open when a former intelligence analyst Edward Snowden leaked the information regarding it to the media. This comes after more than 63 technology companies requested the National Security Agency to make the program more transparent.

Tech Giants were earlier accused for having given direct access to their servers through a program called PRISM, which they had denied.

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