‘2016: Obama’s America’ rattled the President, indictment could be ‘payback’: Dinesh D’Souza

Conservative pundit plans to release new documentary ‘America’ on July 4th.

By Deepak Chitnis

Dinesh D'Souza (courtesy of Amazon.com)
Dinesh D’Souza (courtesy of Amazon.com)

WASHINGTON, DC: Republican commentator and media pundit Dinesh D’Souza is firing back at the Obama administration, subtly insinuating that his current legal woes may be the result of a vendetta he believes the White House has against him for his criticism of the President and his policies.

In an interview with fellow Republican commentator Sean Hannity on Monday, D’Souza was asked what he believed was the cause of his recent indictment on charges of using illegal straw donors in a failed attempt to get a Republican friend of his elected to the Senate. D’Souza replied that he believes President Barack Obama was alarmed by his film, 2016: Obama’s America, and was using the Department of Justice to prosecute D’Souza improperly.

In his intro for D’Souza just prior to the interview, Hannity points out that the indictment came after the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) “harassed’ several Conservative groups immediately after the 2012 election, effectively accusing the Obama administration of engaging in political witch hunts against enemies in the Republican Party. D’Souza did not completely endorse that idea, but neither did he deny it.

“There was a rant against the film on Obama’s own web site,” said D’Souza, “so we know the film rattled him. We know the film upset him. And whether this is a kind of payback remains to be seen.”

Although unable to comment on ongoing legal proceedings, D’Souza was adamant that the court case will not affect his work. He revealed that he’s planning to release a documentary this Fourth of July entitled America, which he says is “a big film [that is] about the greatness of America.”

His last film, 2016: Obama’s America, was released just before the 2012 elections in an attempt to sway moderate Democrats and Independents away from the left and towards Mitt Romney. Made for a paltry $2.5 million, it grossed north of $33 million in a limited theatrical run but was generally panned by critics and, obviously, liberals. The film’s effects on the outcome of the election were also dubious.

D’Souza was also involved in a debate with political activist and former US radical Bill Ayers at Dartmouth University, recently. The name of the event, “What’s So Great About America,” saw D’Souza and Ayers face off about the state of the country today and what the best ways forward are for it. The debate can be viewed in its entirety below:

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