Alleging foul play in Reny Jose’s disappearance, father implores friends to divulge truth

A mystery for almost a month.

By Deepak Chitnis

WASHINGTON, DC: As the disappearance of Reny Jose approaches a full one month this week, the missing boy’s father has implored his son’s friends to come forward with all the information they have, insisting that they haven’t been entirely forthcoming with what they know.

RENY-JOSESpeaking at a gathering of some 200 supporters, mostly from the local Indian American community in Houston, Texas, Jose George said he suspects foul play contributed to the disappearance of his son in Panama City Beach on March 3.

“I felt there was some kind of foul play that happened here,” Jose George told local news Houston 2. “I want to get an answer from the kids. The same as my wife and my daughter, they all want an answer.”

George flew in for a prayer service and town hall meeting at the Houston suburb of Missouri City, during which local lawmakers and community leaders discussed ways that citizens and law enforcement can come together to help solve and prevent cases like Jose’s.

Reny Jose was renting a beachfront house with about 20 other students from Rice University, who had descended upon the northern Florida city to celebrate spring break. Jose went missing at some point on the night of March 3, and his friends reported it the following morning. Local police found Jose’s clothes, wallet, and cell phone in a trash can near the beach shortly afterward, but so far search efforts by land, sea, and air have all come up empty.

Jose’s friends gave their statements to police immediately after his disappearance early last month, and left Panama City Beach shortly thereafter. They have not made any public appearances of statements since, and many have suspected that the friends either know or actively played a part in Jose’s disappearance that night.

One friend told police that Jose may have taken LSD, and had spoken about harming himself the night he went missing, but police ruled out foul play very soon after the investigation commenced, and later said emphatically they have no evidence to support a claim that Jose took drugs and then drowned in the ocean.

Jose is set to graduate from Rice University this May, with a degree in mechanical engineering. Clues to his whereabouts remain scarce, and anyone with information is encouraged to call the Bay County Sheriff’s Office at 747-4700 or Crime Stoppers at 785-TIPS.

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  2. When Praveen Varghese was missing, Police said the same thing that praveen was under the influence. then later, when the community came forward and questioned, things changed, and now police are in trouble. Here in Reny Jose’s case also Police saying the same thing. without investigation and clear evidence, how can the police say reny Jose was under the influence of LSD. we want to challenge the police. we want an answer from the authorities. We want the Federal Government’s involvement in Reny’s case. The Panama city beach police might have thought that no one is going to question them.We are demanding for a thorough investigation in Reny’s case.

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