Indian American politician in New Jersey Vin Gopal continues meteoric rise in Democratic party

Appointed Deputy Vice-Chair of NJ’s Democratic State Committee.

By The American Bazaar Staff

NEW YORK: An Indian American in New Jersey has been promoted to a high-ranking position within the state’s Democratic State Committee.

Vin Gopal (courtesy of Facebook)
Vin Gopal (courtesy of Facebook)

Vin Gopal, a long-time Democratic activist, is now one of the four new Deputy Vice-Chairs of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee. The new appointment continues the meteoric rise Gopal has experienced since entering the New Jersey political sphere, who has already proven himself to be one of the hottest emerging talents the Democratic Party has in the Garden State.

In 2012, at just 27 years of age, Gopal won his first election as the Democratic Chairman of Monmouth County, by an overwhelming 73%. The election set a record by making Gopal the youngest person ever elected to a party Chair position in any county throughout New Jersey, and Gopal’s leadership was so well-received, he ran unopposed this year and was re-elected comfortably.

Now, as a Deputy Vice-Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, Gopal will be responsible for helping current Committee Chairman John Currie by advising him on “a range of party affairs,” and will also act as community outreach leaders – something Gopal already has a lot of experience with, as a door-to-door spokesperson for the Democratic Party.

“I am thrilled to name these four outstanding New Jersey Democrats as Deputy Vice Chairs. I will look to them for guidance and support as the campaign season progresses,” said Currie, in a statement. “These individuals represent diverse interests and regions and they have all been leaders in their respective communities. They strengthen the NJDSC leadership team and increase our ability to conduct outreach and other party business across the state.”

The other three Deputy Vice-Chairs that were named alongside Gopal are: State Assembly Speaker Emeritus Sheila Oliver; Atlantic County Freeholder at-Large Colin Bell, and the Founder and Chair Emeritus of Garden State Equality, Steven Goldstein. The four were promoted during the party’s 18th annual conference in Atlantic City last month.

Gopal holds a B.A. in Political Science from Penn State University, where he was a graduate of the Penn State Washington Program and American University Washington Program, according to his LinkedIn page. He is an entrepreneur, and is currently the co-owner of two small businesses: My Community Publications, which puts out several print and online local news publications, and MarketME, a printing company.

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