Costco pulls from its shelves Dinesh D’Souza’s book ‘America: Imagine A World Without Her’

Conservatives cry foul over move.

By Deepak Chitnis

WASHINGTON, DC: Conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza is no stranger to controversy, and finds himself in the thick of it yet again as wholesale retailer Costco has decided to pull his latest book from its stores’ shelves.

Dinesh D'Souza (courtesy of Amazon.com)
Dinesh D’Souza (courtesy of Amazon.com)

The book, entitled “America: Imagine A World Without Her,” will no longer be sold at Costco outlets across the nation. The reason given by Costco is that sales of the book have been too low to keep giving the book shelf space, but D’Souza and his supporters in the Republican party are crying foul, saying that Costco does not want such openly Conservative literature on its shelves.

That feeling has been compounded by the fact that although Costco chose to remove D’Souza’s book from its shelves, it continues to sell Hilary Clinton’s most recent memoir, “Hard Choices.” Both novels were released around the same time – “America” hit shelves on June 2, while Clinton’s book was released on June 10.

As a direct result of Costco no longer stocking “America,” the book’s sales have shot up on Amazon. The online retailer lists the book as its third best-selling hardcover in the Politics & Government category, and is the 44th highest-selling book overall on the website.

Additionally, after being neglected by the New York Times’ bestseller list, “America” cracked into the top 25 non-fiction titles, ranking #17 in terms of sales on the list’s July 13 edition.

AmericaDineshDSouzaBookThe book is meant to accompany the release of D’Souza’s documentary, which is named after the book, that examines what D’Souza and fellow conservatives see as the decay of America at the hands of liberals. D’Souza’s first documentary – “2016: Obama’s America,” which was released in 2012 – became one of the highest-grossing documentaries ever.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, D’Souza said that Costco’s move to stop selling his book is an indication that the left is scared. D’Souza said essentially the same thing earlier this year, when he was indicted on charges of using straw donors to illicitly donate more than the legal amount to a friend of his running for the US Senate in New York – D’Souza plead guilty in May.

The “America” documentary released in theaters around the US on July 4 (naturally), and has so far raked in over $4.4 million. According to Box Office Mojo, that’s enough to rank it as the ninth highest-grossing political documentary ever, but it has a long way to go before it matches the $33.4 million domestic haul that “2016: Obama’s America” brought in.


  1. crybabyrepukes

    Hmm, somehow I missed this documentary. I don’t think it even played here. And I live in the reddest state in the land. Oklahoma. horribly run state at that. I have a job here, sadly. My point is, though – This documentary had to have been a total flop. Oh, it WAS! Compare to F/9-11.

  2. lol- how would you know these thing unless you read the book.the decider.

  3. Zoe Smith

    We need to do the follow:
    1st: Cancel your Costco Membership (Do not go to Sam’s Club, some of the Walton kids are dirty stinking Liberals)
    2nd: Burn, Destroy anything Costco Brand – KirkingLand – Do not forget to Youtube it
    3rd: Convince anyone you know working Costco, to quit Job. If they are family member, Kick them out or tell kin to kick them out if they do not quit.
    4th: Tell people to stop eating those Costco Food outside the restaurant. Tell them, it contains poison and kill you. Liberal Poisoning. Eating the food will make you Liberal unless you read the Bible to repeat for your sins.

    God Bless AMERICA and book Call AMERICA and no one else.

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