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New York duo launch ‘Forever Rakhi’ bracelets for men to celebrate Raksha Bandhan

Meeta Manglani, Jitin Hingorani brains behind stylish concept.

By Deepak Chitnis

WASHINGTON, DC: A new line of stylish, yet durable, Rakhi bracelets has been launched just in time for the 2014 celebration of Raksha Bandhan, the Hindu festival celebrating the eternal love between brothers and sisters.

'Forever Rakhi' co-founders Meeta Manglani and Jitin Hingorani
‘Forever Rakhi’ co-founders Meeta Manglani and Jitin Hingorani

“Forever Rakhi” is a brand-new line of modern, fashion-forward men’s bracelets created specifically for the Raksha Bandhan celebration. The line has been co-created by New York jewelry designer Meeta Manglani and entertainment reporter/PR professional Jitin Hingorani of JINGO Media.

The line was created as a way to give men around the world something unique that they can wear on their wrists. Often times, Rakhi bracelets are plain or simply don’t exhibit any kind of style; with “Forever Rakhi,” men can now not only wear the bracelet, but sport it alongside their own designer clothes, showcasing a bracelet that is tailored to their own unique style.

“A Rakhi is a sacred bracelet that represents the love and protection that binds sisters and brothers together,” said Hingorani, in a statement. “We want sisters to really put some thought into what makes their brothers unique and what kind of accessory they see him wearing year-long, instead of making a last-minute, obligatory decision at a grocery store the day before Raksha Bandhan. Why not get him something different this year that he will cherish forever!”

For Manglani, who has been designing jewelry for years, the idea to create a line of designer Rakhi bracelets came after she made one for Hingorani last year.

The 'Jitin Rakhi,' designed and released by 'Forever Rakhi'
The ‘Jitin Rakhi,’ designed and released by ‘Forever Rakhi’

“I’ve been hand-making Rakhis for all my brothers and cousins for years now,” said Manglani, in a statement. “So, when I made a Rakhi for my namesake brother, Jitin, last year, he loved it so much that he wished he could wear it forever. That’s how we came up with the idea of creating a Rakhi that men can wear throughout the year as and when they choose, whether they’re at the office or on a night out on the town with friends.”

As further evidence of the strong familial connection the “Forever Rakhi” line has to its creators, each of the bracelets in the 2014 inaugural collection is named for one of Manglani’s brothers, cousins, or namesake brothers. For example, Hingorani himself has a bracelet named after him – a stylish saffron-colored band with a silver Om pendant in the middle that is simple and classy (pictured above).

This year’s Raksha Bandhan celebration is on August 10; those wanting to order a “Forever Rakhi” to give their special sibling can do so at the line’s official website. A video displaying the “Forever Rakhi” line can be viewed below:

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