Indian diplomat’s daughter, Krittika Biswas, who was wrongfully jailed, gets $225,000 settlement from New York City

Biswas was arrested on charges of cyberbullying.

By Sujeet Rajan

NEW YORK: Krittika Biswas, the daughter of the former Vice Counsel at the Consulate General of India in New York, Debashish Biswas, who was suspended from her high school, arrested and thrown into jail for a day in 2011 on charges of cyberbullying that were proved wrong later, has reached a settlement of $225,000 with New York City.

Krittika Biswas

The settlement agreement was cleared by Manhattan federal Judge John Koetl, and also praised Biswas for being an honor student while at John Bowne High School in Queens, NY, before her reputation was tarnished. Biswas, now 21, who had plans to study in the US, decided after her ordeal to return back to India for her undergraduate studies.

Biswas was accused of sending profane and threatening e-mails to her teachers in February of 2011, charges which were dropped after a male classmate was identified at the real culprit. She had sued the city and sought $1.5 million.

“We have vindicated Krittika’s honor, Indian diplomats’ honor, and India’s honor in the US,” her lawyer, Ravi Batra, said Wednesday.

Batra came down hard on the school principal who had made the egregious error of having Biswas arrested.

“Of course, the ethically compromised and arrogant Principal Howard Kwait upon learning of the unconstitutional charges being dismissed, retaliated by suspending Krittika. During those proceeding we proved Krittika’s innocence – that her Internet Service Provider (ISP) was Time-Warner’s “Roadrunner” while the culprit’s ISP was “Earthlink.” One day later, with our forensic expert’s sworn report, the actually guilty student was identified and he confessed – except he was not arrested or criminally charged – proof of foul discriminatory disparate treatment of Krittika despite her actual innocence” said Batra.

Biswas had in her suit named the City of New York, its Department of Education, John Bowne High School’s principal Howard Kwait, and teacher Jamie Kim-Ross.



  1. Am so happy for her.


    I had been following this case for 2 years ever since it started … but there was no news at all on this issue. Americans hate indians. It is so clear that just because she is an Indian .. Americans had done this without even checking. This case opened my eyes that American police are Stupid. They didn’t even check the case against her and wrongfully arrested her and put her in jail. Lastly, the compensation of US$ 225,000 is less. She deserved the 1.5 MILLION as she had asked and the jail sentence of the police captain and the entire new york police station that stupidly put her in jail after they did not check what had happened. I hope Americans know that Indian special police force which were stationed in the US. went into action and proved her innocence. It was never the American police. The American police just arrested her and didn’t do anything after that. It was the Indian spy service under the command of the Indian embassy stationed that went against the NYPD and proved their superiority over the American police. They immediately took up the case since the girl was an Indian citizen and caught the real Chinese boy who was the real culprit in this case. Questions – what did the American police do to the Chinese boy who really performed this illegal act. NYPD left him without even an arrest and a case – Why ?? Americans have no answer .. but when it comes to an Indian girl – Americans humiliated her. The compensation is too low for her ordeal … she deserves the 1.5 million and the four NYPD police officers who wrongfully arrested her but did not do anything to the Chinese boy who really committed this crime – should be thrown in jail for atleast 4 years. This is BU##SH**. NYPD never ever investigated or arrested or enquired about the real boy who committed all these crimes. Where is that Chinese boy [ student ] who was a classmate of Krittika biswas ? He was also a student as the same school – John Browne High School. He needs to go to jail. Because of him, some poor Indian girl went to jail. News had it that Hillary Clinton who was secretary of state at that time got involved in this case and said that the Indian girl was wrong and she started to support the American police knowing full well that NYPD was totally wrong in their investigation. Surprise, Surprise, – the Indian lawyers in USA came hard on her and warned her that they wanted to put her in jail for getting into this case. Guess what – hillary clinton packed up her skirts and left after her term without ever wanting to come back. Now, she is running for president .. because this Indian case about this girl is over. This is the reason Hillary never wanted to become Secretary of state for the second time during Obama’s re-election. Once this case is over … now she knows that she wont be put behind bars because of this Indian girl case. She is now trying to run for President. All of this is being hidden from Americans and they don’t know the truth as to what is happening. – HOPE KRITTIKA BISWAS gets the rest of the money and the four NYPD policemen get thrown in jail

    • I will never vote for Hillary Clinton precisely because of this. It shows her incompetence to the core. Thank you for the information about who actually solved the case.

  3. Justice has been done…upto a point. The principal should have been fired for starters. What was the school board doing?? I can’t believe this actually happened.

    • Sivasu Kaalithas

      The very same principal has been taken to court 4 times after this case on allegations ranging from sexual harassment to fraudulently fudging grades and embezzlement, yet he is still on the job. We can thank the so called NY Department of Education for being exemplary in it’s negligence and irresponsibility in tackling the reckless misconduct of it’s employees. In a nutshell, the taxpayer still gets ripped-off of millions thanks to these ethically compromised rotten apples. Doesn’t sound very “first-worldish”, does it?

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