Ami Bera’s lead against Doug Ose shrinks by 14 votes

A see-saw battle.

By The American Bazaar Staff

WASHINGTON, DC: It’s turning out to be a seesaw battle: the only Indian American Congressman in the US House of Representatives, Ami Bera, is fighting hard to stay on for a second term, as his slim lead over Republican opponent Doug Ose in the District 7 race, shrunk by a little margin – 14 votes.

Bera’s lead of 711 votes this past weekend has been whittled down to 697 votes now, as of Monday. It’s a tiny shift, but enough to bring cheer to Ose’s camp have been glum as their initial lead evaporated to a growing deficit. With maybe tens of thousands of votes still to be tallied, it’s still anybody’s race.

Bera has now a total of 89,477 votes (50.2%), to Ose’s 88,780 votes (49.8%). After the initial count two weeks ago, Ose had a lead of more than 3,000 votes. This past Friday, Bera, however, had taken a lead of 711 votes.

It’s been an agonizing election for both, as almost two weeks after the rest of the country went to polls, and most got results the same night, the two must be having restless nights, thinking what the next morning count will come up with, and who will ultimately prevail.

Bera had come from behind two years ago, when he beat Republican Dan Lungren 9 days after the polls concluded in the Sacramento district race by over 9,000 votes, to become a freshman US House of Representatives member in his second attempt.

Bera is only the third Indian American politician to grace Capitol Hill, after Dilip Singh Saund and Bobby Jindal.


  1. Why stress the “Indian” in American? I am a “Lithuanian” American, and I don’t care if it’s Ami or Yogi as long as they do good at what they are doing….

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