Kerala businessman Mohammed Nisham who allowed minor son to drive a Ferrari, arrested for attempting to kill guard with Hummer

Guard is on ventilator support in hospital.

By The American Bazaar Staff

NEW DELHI: The ugly ways of new wealth and the assumed ‘power’ that comes with it, was on full display in a shocking incident in Thrissur, Kerala, when controversial businessman Mohammed Nisham, 39, was arrested on charges of attempt to murder a security guard in the upscale Shoba Group’s residential township, on Thursday night.

According to police, and first reported by The Indian Express, the security guard, Chandrabose, 52, was hit by Nisham’s Hummer vehicle for delay in opening the gate of the township in the wee hours of Thursday.

Chandrabose, who was taken to hospital by fellow guards, and operated on in the abdominal area, also suffered multiple fractures, including in the ribs and forearm, reported The Times of India. He is fighting for his life and has been put on ventilator support.

Nisham is managing director of Tirunelveli-based King Beedi Co. He also has hotel and jewelry businesses in the Middle East. His cars include Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Road Ranger, Ferrari and Jaguar, apart from the Hummer, reported the Express.

Police said Nisham first tortured the security guard when there was a delay in opening the gate. To escape from Nisham, the guard rushed behind the fountain near the gate. Then, Nisham turned his Hummer on the hapless man and pressed him against the wall using the vehicle. He continued to attack the security guard using an iron rod.

Police sources said Nisham is facing several criminal cases in Thrissur.

Nisham has been arrested under Section 307 of IPC that deals with attempt to murder, Biju Kumar, circle inspector of Peramangalam police station who is investigating the case, said, reported the Times.

“We are planning to slap on him various provisions under Kerala Anti-Social Activities Prevention Act (KAAPA),’’ police said. Normally, the KAAPA is slapped on anti-social elements and members of gangs.

City police commissioner Jacob Job said police have conducted raids at Nisham’s Sobha City flat and at his house in Muttichoor Thursday evening.

Nisham had ran into several controversies in the past also. In April 2013, he had allowed his son, then nine-years-old, to drive Ferrari in their residential complex in Thrissur, leading to a police case.

Nisham’s wife, Amal Nisha, shot a video of their son Ishan at the wheel of their Ferrari, his four-year-old brother by his side. These visuals of the elder boy driving through the residential area went up on YouTube, sparking outrage among viewers.

The police were initially hesitant to act but eventually booked Nisham on two charges – under the Juvenile Justice Act for cruelty to a child, and under the Motor Vehicle Act for allowing a person without a license to drive. Arrested under the latter charge, Nisham was later released on bail, reported the Express.

Later in the same year, during a police check, he allegedly locked a woman sub-inspector inside his car. He was then driving his brand-new Rolls Royce when police stopped him for a routine check. Nisham was found to be under the influence of alcohol. Police allege Nisham tried to manhandle a woman sub-inspector in their team. He allegedly told them that no police station in Kerala is fit for his Rolls-Royce to park at. To prevent him from driving away, the woman sub-inspector got into the car for the keys. Police say Nisham, who was outside, locked the doors with remote control, trapping the sub-inspector inside. More policemen arrived and had a heated argument with Nisham who, they say, “released” the sub-inspector only after that.

The Times of India had a different version of the incident: it said Nisham dragged a woman sub inspector into his car, took her to a police station and dared the cops to act against him.

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  1. whats the point of laws and rules ? whats govt., court and politician for ? whats the difference between political parties ??? nothing . all r de same . all politicians n govt know is to earn money and do nothing for the sake of public and poor . peoples like nisham should have severe punishment . and so shame of congress partty for supporting his mistake and solving the probblem by giving mony to the guard family . u congress leaders, politicians r of no use ,absolutely gud for nothing , group of assholess who wants to earn money n eat them . where r the peoples of kerala ? what r yu guys doing ? wher is your protest ? yu guyz make over protest n stuffss in name of som political parties or reducing salaries of hospital , reducing price of petrol , collegges ettc. why dont yu protest for something gud . raise your voice against anythng yu c in kerala , but make sure yu dont do it for the name sake of any party .show to the poor ther r som peoples like yu who support them ,who love them ,who understand their feelings and sadness. please RAISE YOUR VOICE !!!!

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