Kerala Hummer case: security guard rammed, beaten by Mohammed Nisham dies

An act of horrific cruelty turns into murder.

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NEW DELHI: The security guard who was viciously accosted by Kerala businessman Mohammed Nisham has died after spending the past fortnight battling against the severe injuries he sustained during the attack.

K Chandrabose passed away at Amala Medical College in Thrissur. The 47-year-old had undergone multiple surgeries over the past two weeks in an effort to improve his condition but had to be put on ventilator support as his health regressed during the final days.

Muhammed Nisham, an infamously controversial tycoon who made his fortune pushing cheap “bidi” cigarettes, was arrested on January 29 after ramming his Hummer into Chandrabose, pinning him against a wall, and later beating him with an iron rod after the security guard could not open a gate quickly enough.

According to The Indian Express, Chandrabose and two other security staffers were manning a checkpoint outside of the Nisham’s residential township when the tobacco, jewelry, and hotel mogul pulled up in his Hummer prior to seeking entry. When subjected to the precautionary routines of vehicle and identity verification, Nisham snapped, jumping out of the massive sports utility vehicle, smashing the glass windows to the guards’ kiosk, and then manically lunging after Chandrabose.

According to the other security officers, Chandrabose managed to run away and climb atop a fountain in front of the gate, but Nisham got back in his truck and maliciously smashed it into the fountain, crushing his victim against the wall.

Police say Nisham then threw Chandrabose in the back of his Hummer, drove to his apartment complex half-a-kilometer away, and proceeded to call his wife, from whom he requested a firearm. When she arrived sans any sort of gun, Nisham drove into the parking area of his apartment complex and bludgeoned his victim repeatedly for nearly 30 minutes.

Nisham subsequently abandoned Chandrabose in the parking lot before being approached by a team of police who had been alerted by the other security staff.

“Nisham was violent and even threatened to attack us. We got more policemen from a station nearby and took him into custody,” disclosed the Indian Express’ police source.

The high-rolling business magnate has staved off 10 separate criminal cases in the past — including, but not limited to — allowing his nine-year-old son to drive a Ferrari through a crowded neighborhood, harassing several female law enforcement officers, and domestic abuse charges filed by his wife.

While the initial indictment leveled against Nisham on the night of the incident was attempted murder, he will now face the full penalty for murder if convicted.

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