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Harshi Madhaparia launches new single ‘Holiday Madness’

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Madhaparia is best known for being on the Indian Idol UK.

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MUMBAI: Pop singer Harshi Madhaparia, 25, inspired by her role in the film ‘Holiday’ starring Akshay Kumar, has released a new single ‘Holiday Madness’.

For the single, Madhaparia traveled extensively, according to a press release: from London to Bangkok to Las Vegas to Philippines to Hong Kong to Singapore to Dubai with activities like helicopter, rollercoaster, boat ride, Ferrari drive, and some under water dives.

‘Holiday Madness’ features instrumentation from guitars, electronic handclaps, a cowbell, and a synthesized string arrangement, while its lyrics speak about the universal sentiment of taking a holiday.

Trained at Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares for an acting and dancing diploma, she was last seen in Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha starrer movie ‘Holiday’.

“The song is all about free, crazy and fun. It was quite adventurous. The lyrics of the song is like ‘na na na roko mujhe behti hawa si hu main, aise na toko mujhe pagli zara si hu main.. pyaari hai yeh aawaargi,” she said, in a statement.

Madhaparia was born and brought up in the UK and has been part of the Indian music scene for three years.

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