Falafels paired with marijuana at Amsterdam Falafel Shop in Washington

Baba Ganoush goes well with OG Kush strain.

By Raif Karerat

Courtesy of tripadvisor.com
Courtesy of tripadvisor.com

WASHINGTON, DC: Amsterdam Falafel Shop wants to preemptively cover any munchies incurred by participants in Washington DC’s recreational marijuana policy, and has launched a brand new menu that matches five falafel options to different strains of marijuana in an effort to do so.

While patrons won’t be able to purchase or smoke marijuana on the premises, the menu will offer advice on which strains can be best enjoyed with the different types of falafel that are offered.

For example, “the root vegetables and tahini” in Baba Ganoush complement “the earthy pine scent and woodsy undertones of the OG Kush strain.” Another menu item suggests “the aroma of the marijuana Lemon Haze strain is zesty, citrusy, and a little sweet.” Its sandwich pairing, which includes “a swipe of hummus,” combines with the Haze “to induce energy and creativity.”

The “pot pairing menu” launched last week and has already created a buzz with locals and those on social media, said Arianne Bennett, who owns the franchise with her husband Scott.

“We were very busy when we debuted it,” she told Fox, noting that the line spilled out of the main shop in Adams Morgan and down the street.

A law passed in February made it legal for Washington DC residents over the age of 21 to possess, grow and smoke recreational marijuana, with caveats concerning how much a person can possess, as well as stipulations prohibiting its public sale and usage.

According to Fox CT, Amsterdam Falafal Shop’s pot-pairing idea was born at a dinner party celebrating D.C.’s new law.

“Instead of raising a glass to celebrate, we thought why not raise a joint?” said Bennett. So when someone suggested that Bennett create a pot-pairing menu, she jumped on it.

The Bennetts then proceeded to research popular strains and customized a list of falafel toppings to complement the flavors.

“All this happened in a night,” she said.

Three of Amsterdam Falafelshop’s seven locations will offer the pairings, which are priced at $4.20.

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