Bobby Jindal’s creationism law comes up for scrutiny again

Democrats take on the Louisiana Science Education Act.

By Raif Karerat


WASHINGTON, DC: Democrats in Louisiana are again trying to take on the Louisiana Science Education Act – which was signed in 2008 by Gov. Bobby Jindal, while also potentially making a dent in his presidential ambitions.

When asked about the law by NBC’s Education Nation, Jindal said, “I’ve got no problem if a school board, a local school board, says we want to teach our kids about creationism.”

The law was originally touted as a way to promote wide-open discussions in public school classrooms, especially on evolution, but critics have complained since then that the measure actually allows for the teaching of creationism.

Previously, 78 Nobel laureates had signed a written denunciation of the measure, which was sponsored by Sen. Ben Nevers (D-Bogalusa).

“I have obtained emails from creationist teachers and school administrators, as well as a letter signed by more than 20 current and former Louisiana science teachers in Ouachita Parish in which they say they challenge evolution in the classroom without legal ‘tension or fear’ because of pro-creationism policies,” wrote science education activist Zack Kopplin for Slate. Koplin graduated from a Baton Rouge high school after the law’s passage.

Wednesday marked Sen. Karen Carter Peterson (D-New Orleans) fifth attempt at repealing the law, which is called the “Intelligent Outcomes Wanted Act” — or IOWA — this time around. The moniker is pointed dig at Jindal, who has frequently visited the state as he considers a possible GOP presidential run.

The bill is scheduled to get a hearing on the second week of a two-month session dominated by the state’s $1.6 billion shortfall to keep state spending at current levels, reported The Advocate.

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  1. When a Biology major does this you know he is pandering.

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