3 reasons Bobby Jindal can never become President of the United States

The Governor of Louisiana is wasting his time contesting the primaries.

By Sujeet Rajan

SujeetNEW YORK: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal plans to seek the Republican presidential nomination by establishing an exploratory committee for a White House bid. But really, apart from espousing his far right ideals on a wider platform, what else is he going to achieve? The answer is: nothing. He will lose face in real time instead of in straw polls.

Jindal has no chance to win the GOP primaries, forget a run against the eventual Democrat party nominee for the 2016 elections.

There are three primary reasons why Jindal has no chance of a strong showing on the national stage, despite his belief that America is ready for new direction. “If I run, my candidacy will be based on the idea that the American people are ready to try a dramatically different direction,” Jindal says in a news release on his candidature.

1) Jindal’s opposition to rights of the lesbian and gay community – today, on Tuesday, Jindal issued a statement saying he plans to issue an executive order to enforce a religious freedom bill that died earlier in the day, in the Louisiana House Civil Law and Procedure Committee.

“We are disappointed by the committee’s action to return the Louisiana Marriage and      Conscience Act to the calendar. We will be issuing an Executive Order shortly that will accomplish the intent of HB 707 to prevent the state from discriminating against persons or entities with deeply held religious beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman,” he said.

Jindal added: “This Executive Order will prohibit the state from denying or revoking a tax exemption, tax deduction, contract, cooperative agreement, loan, professional license, certification, accreditation, or employment on the basis the person acts in accordance with a religious belief that marriage is between one man and one woman,” Jindal said in the statement.

2) Jindal hates abortion – he is ‘pro-life’, which would send jitters to most women who love choice.

This is what Jindal has to say on the issue, according to ontheissues.org: “In my first race in 2003, at one of my first fundraisers, my first question was from a fairly liberal woman who asked me my position on abortion. I told her I was pro-life. I remember thinking I was going to have to return all the money I had raised! But amazingly, she became a financial supporter despite our differences over abortion. It turns out she already knew I was pro-life; she just wanted to see if I would be honest about my position or if I would waffle in order to get her money.”

Louisiana was declared the most pro-life state in the nation by American’s United for Life, for the fifth straight year.

Jindal exulted after the announcement in January. He remarked then: “Louisiana was named the most pro-life state for the fifth year in a row. In Louisiana, we promote a culture of life and protect the weakest and most vulnerable among us.”

3) Jindal hates illegal immigrants.

Jindal would deport every illegal immigrant if he could and build the highest wall in the world between the US and Mexico if he had his way. Although, he favors legal immigration.

This is his position on immigration, according to ontheissues.org: “On immigration–look, I’ve said all along that people that want to come into this country, work hard, get an education, that’s good for them, that’s good for us. There’s nothing wrong with Republicans in congress saying let’s secure the border first. If this president was serious about moving forward with comprehensive approach he would start by securing the border. We don’t need a thousand page bill. It’s not complicated. Right now, we have low walls and a narrow gate. That is opposite of what we need, we need a high walls and wide gate, so that more people can come in to this country legally.

Jindal has also emphasized: “Our southern border is the only place in the world where a highly developed country shares a long border with a developing country. Unable to produce enough jobs for its roughly 100 million residents, Mexico is effectively exporting its unemployment to us. The income gap between the US & Mexico is the largest between any two contiguous countries in the world. This dichotomy has created the current immigration crisis, with an estimated 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants now residing in America.”

It’s a pity though that Jindal cannot tailor his rhetoric to sway the masses, instead of alienating them. There is little doubt amongst GOP and Democrat presidential aspirants that Jindal is perhaps one of the most capable administrators around, with a proven track at managing and legislating government.

But then there are his far right, staunch religious-oriented beliefs too, which perhaps matter more to Jindal than mere politics.

(Sujeet Rajan is the Editor-in-Chief of The American Bazaar)


  1. Thanks for letting me know about him. I researched him and all his accomplishments for the state of Louisiana! It is fantastic to see so much diversity in the Republican Party hopefuls. Especially against the rich old Democratic white people who are riddled with selfish scandals and who really don’t know how most of the people in our country actually live, they just want to keep us where we are so the rich don’t have any competition.
    This guy has done so much good for that state, we certainly need that kind of change in the White House as well as in this country. Change for the actual betterment of The People. Awesome! Thanks again.

  2. Mike Hendricks

    piyush is toast

  3. FloyydRTurbbo

    After January 2016, he needs to find a job since this is his last term as governor.

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