University of Texas students petition to remove statue of George Washington

‘Racist statues’, ‘treason’ say students.

By Raif Kareratstatue-of-George-Washington

WASHINGTON, DC: Following the nationwide uproar over the Confederate flag and the appropriateness of memorials to Confederate defectors in the wake of the Charleston massacre, University of Texas students have started a petition to remove a statue of George Washington and memorials to other founding fathers due to their lifelong ownership of slaves.

One student signed after acknowledging the memorials consisted of “racist statues,” while another man said the statues represented “treason,” according to neo-conservative blog D.C. Clothesline.

Last week, the president of the UT Austin, Greg Fenves, agreed to commission a taskforce to make recommendations about whether to remove a controversial statue of Jefferson Davis, the Confederate’s commander-in-chief, just hours after the likeness was spray painted with, “Black Lives Matter.”

A separate petition to remove the Davis statue had garnered more than 2,400 signatures in two days, according to San Antonio Express-News.

“We do understand that diversity is one of the key parts of our university culture,” Gregory Vincent, vice president for Diversity and Community Engagement at UT, said at a press conference in front of the Davis statue on June 23. “We want to make sure that we strike the right balance and do the right things the right way.”

Thus far, the university’s Student Government and Graduate Student Assembly have both passed resolutions supporting the removal of the Davis statue.

A third petition, aimed at removing statues of Robert E. Lee, the commander of the Confederate army, and Albert Sidney Johnston, a Confederate general who died during the Civil War, states, “It is impossible to reach the full potential of an inclusive and progressive learning institution while putting an idol of our darkest days on a pedestal.”


  1. The petitions cited in this article are powerful evidence of the colossal failure of the public schools to accurately, completely, and objectively teach the history of the founding of the United States and the later history of the Civil war. Each petition focuses on a perceived speck of history viewed through through backward-held binoculars and attempts to evaluate the out-of-context speck in terms of conditions that exist today. The only other explanation is that the petitions reveal an astonishing lack of maturity among students of today.

  2. Navin Chaturvedi

    This is certainly not the way Youngsters should be treating their Father of Nation, who exhausted his life for the country. Read this articles and learn something abt the great man

  3. Sonii Billings Nagel

    this is so ridiculous ! history is history. Stop trying to change it.

  4. Keith Hickam

    Really – take down the statue of one of the most brave and selfless Founding Father – The man who turned down the offer to become KING! The man that took not a dime to fight a war to establish this country – the man that voluntarily stepped down after two terms instead of becoming a Dictator – funny that tradition was adhered two until a Democrat – decided he wanted 4 terms and a Constitutional Amendment had to be passed limiting the terms of the President – for educated Americans the students of UT are a bunch of ignorant, and idiotic people who have no sense of the History of this great country.

  5. SamZydeco

    “Know from whence you came” – James Baldwin

  6. Bill Rider


  7. 3Dunedain90

    Idiotic students filled with hyped-up emotion and their own prejudice and ignorance. How foolish to reduce everything down to politics – their politics. It was not so long ago we saw ISIS members wrecking statues of history in Iraq because they did not line up with their own narrow beliefs. Are these liberals any different as they talk of taking away statues? Are they so frail they cannot handle their own history – Texas history or otherwise? They apparently need more to do in their classwork. Like it or not, these men in question had more vision and integrity than any of these motley UT kids. Unlike these immature petition-makers, they cared enough to die for a cause, of which a small part of it was slavery (which would have died out anyway as many disagreed with it). Best they read more carefully our history, why the nation was forged, defended and then reconciled.

    Every nation has its difficult, unjust patches of history. But most of these men planted the seeds of knowledge and freedom and constitutional government so these students may know what that means by growing up in a free country. If these blacks really were concerned that “black lives matter,” they would demand that gangs and thugs stop shooting each other in record numbers (Chicago), that Baltimore’s corruption would be cleaned up and that their own sub-culture would heal their broken families. Instead, they blame others and try to coerce others to advance a leftist agenda. They can get rid of the Democratic party also as they were the chief slavers and politicians at the time in the South. But we know why that will not occur.

  8. Jon Jones

    The ACLU once defended the the Neo Natzi’s for their right to March in Skokie, Illinois, a home for many Jewish Holocaust survivors, that was certainly offensive to the Holocaust survivors, but the Natizi right to Free Speech was defended. Freedom of Speech was placed a priority above, not offending anyone. Today American’s are viewed by the left as so weak, so inept, so pansy, that it is a terrible thing to expose them to something that may offend them. What is really going to happen, are they going to melt like the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz. Offending someone is viewed as such a crime that entire cultures and institutions have to be altered so avoid offending anyone, but minorities, and people with special challenges, people with different orientations will always be in the minority and is the majority going to have change their entire way of life to G-d forbid not offend someone. For example, a private school has a mother daughter tea session once a year, but one particular girl has 2 fathers, 2 gay fathers who hadthe right to adopt this defenseless little girl. well it is awkward for the father to come to the mother daughter tea, so the left would say lets ban the mother daughter tea so we don’t offend the little girl who has 2 fathers, so a great experience for 99 out of the 100 girs in the class has to be canceled to bend for the benefit of one deviant father father relationship. Its all unraveling that way. These kids who want to eliminate the Statute of arguably our greatest President who set the standards by which all Presidents should follow, they should be drafted into the Army and sent over seas in the front lines of battle, if it doesn’t kill them, that will toughen them up, because they get offended about others getting offended to darn easily and to me I am embarrassed to say they are Americans like me.

  9. f the liberals–dumb bastards

  10. assholes

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