Meet Superwoman Lilly Singh, biggest YouTube star of Indian origin

Singh is a nominee for the Teen Choice Awards 2015 for best comedy web star.

Lilly Singh, via
Lilly Singh, via

Guess who is the biggest star of Indian origin on YouTube currently? It is not some Bollywood Superstar Star from Mumbai, but an Indo-Canadian comedian and rapper named Lilly Singh.

Singh, 26, has more than 6.2 million subscribers on the popular video streaming site and nearly 800 million total views. In comparison, India’s most popular video channel, owned by T-Series, a music and film production company, has 7.5 million subscribers.

YouTube has been known for creating superstars overnight. For example, Pewdiepie, a Swedish gaming personality, realized that there wasn’t any big gaming community on the video platform and went on to create his own gaming channel, which eventually become the most subscribed and viewed YouTube channel of all time, with 38 million subscribers and more than nine billion views.

Meanwhile, Singh started her channel named IISuperwomanII and went on to create videos with comedy as her theme. The comic sketches where she demonstrates Indian family interactions, have become hugely popular. Types of people series is one of the mostly wateched. Her top five most viewed videos are:

1. How Girls Get Ready… (14.3 million)

2. Types of Kids at School (11.5 million)

3. How To Stop Parents from Comparing Kids (ft. Miranda Sings) (10.1 million)

4. #LEH – Superwoman & Humble The Poet Official Video (9.7 million)

5. The Difference Between Brown and White Girls (8.4 million)

Singh was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, to Malwinder and Sukhwinder Singh, both from Punjab, India. Grown up a tomboy, at the age of eight she received a ring with ‘S’ written on it. Inspired by that she created the concept of Superwoman, based on the song of the same title.

Though her parents were worried about her decision to make a career out of YouTube, they felt happy after she tasted success in the medium. Now, her parents are her biggest supporters.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal recently, Singh spoke about her transition from comedy into music. After her comedy videos garnered huge success, she slowly started her hands on music. Now Singh’s rap and music videos are watched widely. Apart from doing motivational pieces, she continues to experiment by collaborating with other YouTubers.

Singh also has acted in 2014 film Dr. Cabbie, alongside Big Bang Theory star Kunal Nayyar. She has also rapped for ‘Mauj Ki Malharein’, a song from the Bollywood drama Gulaab Gang.

Although she has over six million subscribers, Singh’s channel doesn’t rank in the list of top 100 YouTube channels. The self-dubbed Superwoman is ranked 106 on the platform.

Her stats, however, remain impressive. According to VidStatsX, currently she gets roughly 8,000 new subscribers per day and more than 75,000 per week. The number is growing at a faster rate than Jenna Marbles, nigahiga and Smosh – these channels have 2-3 times as many subscribers as hers.

Singh was recently nominated for the 2015 Teen Choice Awards for the best comedy web star. Others nominated in the category include Nash Grier, Dude Perfect, Josh Peck, Colleen Ballinger “Miranda Sings” and The Janoskians.

Watch Singh’s latest video Talk Back To Me? (LILLY DISS):

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