Indian American groups to hold protests against Modi’s US visit

AJA will hold a protest at the SAP Center on September 27 under the banner #ModiFail.

By Raghavendra M

Several Indian American groups have decided to stage protest rallies against Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the US next week.

These groups have joined hands under the banner Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA) to hold protests against the Indian Prime Minister during his visit to the Silicon Valley, where he will meet Indian diaspora.

“AJA will hold a protest at the SAP Center on September 27, 2015 under the banner #ModiFail, to expose the realities behind Modi’s alleged “accomplishments”, said a press statement.

Modi will speak to 18,500 people with thousands of others watching him live on huge screens outside the SAP Center, San Jose.

“The Alliance will also reach out to elected officials and corporate leaders in the US to inform them about Modi’s failed and regressive policies that negatively impact human rights, religious freedoms, the environment, and overall: shrink the space for civil liberties under his rule”, it said.

“Narendra Modi is visiting Silicon Valley to talk about ‘Digital India, but we’re worried by his record. Digital Indians deserve strong privacy and free speech protection”, said Anirvan Chatterjee of AJA.

Meanwhile, the Indian American diaspora is planning to hold a “rock star reception” to the Indian Prime Minister. Over 40,000 people had signed up for his Silicon Valley event at SAP Center.


  1. These stupid people do not realize after a very long time they have a good leader .Instead of supporting him in building a strong india they are going about protesting .What do they want as corrupt congress lead by an Italian lady

  2. Sharath Kumar NK

    Part of solution is NM. Part of problem, he is not.

    Accountability starts with this premise all over the Globe across all domains -Corporate and non corporates.

    Accountability does not target failures or successes.Ask any HR person.

    Successes and failures are results of Processes which are Commitment based.

    Sharath Kumar

  3. The more they protest,the more Modi gets publicity and becomes stronger.Where were they when Sikhs were butchered by Congress Goons who still not been brought to book.The Congress showed the way how to create mayhem and get away.Where was AJA when such things happened.

  4. Where was this anirav chatterjee when Congress …molested india by its corruptions each n everyday last 10 years…..

  5. Idiots.

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