Congress Party is lying: Rahul Gandhi not listed at ‘Weekend with Charlie Rose’ event in Aspen

The annual event got over in July; so where is Rahul Gandhi?

By Sujeet Rajan


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NEW YORK: The Congress Party is lying about Rahul Gandhi’s whereabouts in the United States, if indeed he is here in the country on a visit: the vice-president of the opposition party in India, the Indian National Congress, is not listed for any global meet or the ‘Weekend with Charlie Rose’ conference in Aspen, Colorado, located in the Rocky Mountains.

The Press Trust of India reported earlier today that Gandhi had left India to attend the ‘Weekend with Charlie Rose’ conference at Aspen, Colorado, as per Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala.

“Rahul Gandhi is travelling to Aspen, US on a short visit to attend a conference. ‘Weekend with Charlie Rose’ is a conference where thought leaders from different walks of life like politics, finance, technology, media, medicine, sports etc. gather to deliberate on multiple issues,” Surjewala was quoted as saying by PTI.

Surjewala was responding to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s claims that Congress was forced to send Gandhi away from the country as their allies want him out of Bihar poll campaign.

BJP spokesman Sambit Patra took a dig at Rahul Gandhi over his visit to the US, saying it may be a “forced vacation” as, according to him, allies JD(U) and RJD wanted him away, said reports.

“It appears that the feedback the leaders of grand alliance got from Bihar made them call Congress to send him on a forced vacation because his stay anywhere near Bihar is going to harm their electoral chances,” Patra was quoted as saying.

Calls to The Aspen Institute, which has its headquarters in Washington, DC, but holds events also in Aspen, New York City and San Francisco throughout the year, revealed that the annual ‘Weekend with Charlie Rose’ conference got over in the first week of July this year.

Since its inception, in 2005, the festival takes place between the dates of June 25-July 4, according to Karen Peterson, Registrar and Conference Manager, Aspen Ideas Festival, which is what the annual event is officially known as.

This year, the conference’s theme was: ‘Smart Solutions to the World’s Toughest Challenges.’ Presented by the Aspen Institute in partnership with The Atlantic magazine, the Aspen Ideas Festival is the nation’s premier, public gathering place for leaders from around the globe and across many disciplines to present and discuss ideas and challenging issues. Some 350 presenters, 200 sessions, and 3,000 attendees comprised the annual festival this year, in July.

“I don’t see Rahul Gandhi listed as a speaker in any Aspen related event, public or private, in the past or in the near future,” said Petersen in an interview to The American Bazaar.

Asked if Rose himself selects the guests for the annual meet, Petersen said that though in the past Rose has been a featured speaker at the event, the last time he himself participated at the annual meet, was in 2012.

Petersen also checked other Aspen events where Rahul Gandhi might be a speaker, but could not find his name in the database.

“There is nobody by that name featured in any Aspen event,” said Petersen.

The list of public events in the town of Aspen which has a population of over 6,000, reveals that the major events listed for the months of September and October are a film festival and other entertainment related programs.

George Abraham, chairman of a faction of the Indian National Overseas Congress, and based in New York, in an interview to The American Bazaar, said that he had “not been notified” of any visit by Rahul Gandhi to the United States.

“When I met Rahul Gandhi in October of last year in New Delhi, he had told me he was keen to meet the Indian Diaspora here. But we have not been notified of anything. We wanted him to come here to talk of the Congress ideology, but this is anyway not a good time to visit the US with prime minister Narendra Modi also on a visit,” said Abraham.

Asked if it was disturbing to him that the whereabouts of Gandhi is again in question, following a controversial and mysterious almost two months’ sabbatical he took earlier this year, Abraham said that he is “not disturbed” by it.

“Rahul Gandhi does not have any official responsibilities in India, so he could be here on a private visit,” said Abraham.

But asked why the Congress party would then in that case not clarify that, Abraham declined to comment.

Lavika Bhagat Singh, the President of the officially recognized Indian National Overseas Congress, and based in the Washington, DC, area, said in a phone interview that she was not aware if Rahul Gandhi was in the United States.

“I don’t know,” said Singh.

The question is: where is Rahul Gandhi?

If indeed he is in the ski resort of Aspen, one of the wealthiest real estate destinations in the US, what is he doing? If he is on a private visit, why would the Congress not disclose that?

(Sujeet Rajan is Editor-in-Chief, The American Bazaar)


  1. Awadhesh Kumar

    Pappu is a joke and a misfit . He also seems to be mentally unequipped to handle any problem-solving exercise. Besides he and his party keep resorting to subterfuge to hoodwink the polity and the electorate, almost ostrich-like. The pics that have been put out on twitter are an example of this. It’s for any one to see that the pic only shows Pappu sitting in some conference like program, huddled in a side corner,without showing any signs that will identify the place or the occasion. To tweet this pic to prove that RaGa was attending the ASPEN conference is an indication that not only Pappu but the entire Congress is mentally retarded, otherwise they wouldn’t have attempted such tomfoolery.

  2. He has right to go to US may be for some treatment or conference or even sight seeing.

  3. RG looks like a spoiled kid. His father died when he was young and as it happens in any normal family, the younger kid get pampered and becomes wayward. Surprised how other congress leaders are tolerating this mother and son duo. There are lot of highly educated and good leaders who can articulate better than RG, but they are behaving as if Congress is a personal property of Gandhi family. Rahul Gandhi has to mature if the people of India need to take him seriously.

  4. Dipendra K. Sinha

    I didn’t see Gandhi’s name as speaker. Maybe he is attending as an audience. What will he learn?

  5. Congress has been fooling Indians for 7 decades now…Don’t be so naive.

  6. Mustufa Darukhanawala

    who is stopping you from asking the Government of India ? since he is an SPG protectee it shouldn’t be much difficult, besides snooping & stalking is something the PM is well versed with. The one who accuses should also be able to prove with conclusive evidence or you risk your credibility to be mocked at.

  7. Complete expose of congress how they r lying from long years experience shame ..shame..real showbaz..hawabaz..dagabaz..of the country..ine an only congress family.

  8. yogesh shidhaye

    I have a simple question: How can Rahul Gandhi attend any Thought Leadership conference? Neither is he thoughtful not a real leader

  9. The second in command of the GOP of India may be on the look out for better Advisers to press on his Agenda here in India to fight Elections in Bihar & subsequent ones during 2015 2016 & 2017, eventually! Well, it could have been his personal tour since he remained over worked in the Parliament & Party Affairs! Why at all bother about anybody’s movements, from place to place & time to time? Since he is a VVIP & belongs to Nehru-Gandhi clan, most of the people keep guessing: when, why, where, whom, which, how….! Better ignore! It is for the person/party to take care whether or not to declare the likely whereabouts of the party VVIP! God Bless the Party & the Person!

  10. ek hindustani

    Last time when Rahul went on Sabbatical, Samrat Bicycle Industries land was got transferred to Rajiv Gandhi Trust … let us see what comes out next … !!!

  11. Any word from cong paid trolls? I want to see these trolls try defending their msaters this time.

  12. Where are the congress paid trolls?

  13. rajesh paleri

    he is thee to watch modi and study something …..let him be there ,he is good for nothing….

  14. Congress caught with their collective pants down..what else is new? This is the most any of us can expect from the congress from here on out and for those trying to answer the question of “where is pappu?” by trying hard to deflect it by questioning the pm need to understand that they are only making it worse..for the PM is in the us for the UNGA summit where as pappu, is busy vacationing..pathetic..

  15. People are so crazy to know each and everything about RG. Oh just leave him alone, especially if you hate him. I feel that the people share a love-hate relationship with someone whom they cover day in and day out! talk about other real happenings please. It is boring to discuss about one person always.

  16. deepakadyanthaya

    I was not aware that there are irrational sycophants abroad too of the magnitude of Congresswalas back home. The Indian National Overseas Congress clarifies the doubt. It gives me a feeling that sycophancy is a strong Indian genetic trait which can be eliminated by formal education which encourages one to think for oneself.

  17. India will get full freedom only when congress is completely gone. Lets hope it happens sooner then later.

  18. FloyydRTurbbo

    Congress party is more a party of Division and Treason. They do not have the majority to be declared as an Opposition Party and the certain Indian Media bribed with vada pav by the Congress Honchos, call them as opposition party.

    The party will slowly go into oblivion. It is a sinking ship with Rahul Gandhi at the helm, as the Captain of the Titanic (The fact is, he is not a bonafide Gandhi, since his grand father was named Firoze Gandhi,a Parsee, and he was not related to Mahatma (The Great) Gandhi who was a Gujerati.

    This man cant’ walk and chew paan at the same time, let alone converse with Charlie Rose. He has no education and he will spell his last name as Ghandi, as the Desi Born Confused Desi’s aka ABCD’s invariably do) The party is taking undue advantage of the Gandhi and Nehru name and the only one’s who vote for them are the poor farmers and illiterate of which there are still plenty in Northern India, who have affinity for symbols and worship mentality for any one with a fair skin-prefarably a Firangi!

  19. K.G.Surendran

    Rahul Gandhi is increasingly looking an extremely dodgy character and his actions point to contempt for Indian public opinion sourced from a belief that power is his natural birthright without accountability and large doses of corruption, of course which his party intended to cover up with dole to the people in the form social security schemes.

  20. Rahul Gandhi speaking at a Seminar in USA ? Ha ha ha ! It is the biggest joke of the 21st century.

    God save the Congress Party.


    Ram Ohri

  21. RaGa is going to a conference as a speaker?
    Is he going to talk about “suit boot ki sarkar”??
    Thats what he has been repeating lately.

  22. Sucharita Nanivadekar

    The nightshirt nincompoop is doing what he does best – disappear from Public view. Doing God knows what. Leaving the Congi spokespersons to spin stories that are proved false everytime. Imagine this 5.6cm brain attending an International conference. Ha ha.

  23. One should do what is best for himself.

  24. Anurag Srivastava

    Not a Rahul Gandhi or Congress supporter I am at all and in fact, totally dislike them in all sense. However, on a different note, I am not sure whether RG is there in the event or not, but this is a fact that the new “Weekend with Charlie Rose” conference is scheduled in Aspen from 24th Sept to 27th Sept. The report above in the news is incorrect that there is no such even being held.

    I would say, we need to be impartial from all the angles. I have no sympathy with RG or Congress, and this is still not sure whether he is an invitee or not, but this is a fact that the conference is there from 24th to 27th Sept.


  25. truth_i_speak

    Congress speak white lie but this one can not be defended by their Media foot soldier! They have to throw another to cover this!

  26. Indian National Congress is like a cat drinking milk in public with eyes closed. Their dubious ways are creating a rift between the party and people. Trust and transparency are paramount to the functioning of a political party in nation like India, where sentiment and mood of the people decide the winners. It is high time Congress mended its ways.

  27. LOL… Rahul Gandhi is going to attend the conference as an audience.. My suggestion to Rahul , its better for you attend Modi’s Rely as an audience, you will learn more , at least what to say and how to say.

  28. LOL… Rahul Gandhi is going to attend the conference as an audience.. My suggestion to Rahul , its better for you attend Modi’s Rely as an audience, you will learn more , at least what to say and how to say.

  29. WE all knew from the beginning that Rahul does not have it in him to address any conference even in a village let alone an intercational event. Sure the congress is bluffing. None of their spokesperson have any idea where he is nor are they even pretending to know where he is. Rahul Gandhi has been asked to keep away to salvage some prestige in Bihar elections.

  30. Congress is making a joke of itself by clarifying and that too providing wrong answers… in the past .. the ENGLISH MAINSTREAM MEDIA just accepted the words of a junior most spokesperson as THE WORD and glorified his particiaption in such “vague events”….. WEll,, the socialst, secularist english media continues to do so…… Thankfully, the TROLLS or INTERNET HINDUS as those opposing nehruvian secular and “intellectual” crod are called , provide HARD DATA…… these mainstream media folks are flabbergasted that they woudl eb opposed by these trolls and Sanghis…..( anyone who opposes congress views is a sanghi….WELL I’M NOT….I’m an Indian christian not supporting these secularists and Intellectuals)…

    Thanks to the Social media folks . The facade of not only the dynasty is being trashed…. we are getting to see these so called INTELLECTUALS as well…. ITs all money.. they get funded by some unknown NGO in US or UK or NEtherland and thanks to the awards and FCRA money, they bow down before these white sahibs…..The condition is so bad that they bad mouth even the holy teachings of Christ…. in the name of salesman like evangelism……Even Jesus would blush at what these folks are doing….

  31. He is enjoying there with the money taken in India when his party was in power.

  32. He is enjoying there with the money looted from India when his party was in power.

  33. disqus_YWXj7oaZjp

    Rahul dare not visit US otherwise he will be arrested on illegal currency smuggling last time saved by Vajpaye intervention, why the dynasty activities are always shrouded in secrecyand mystery and media dare not find their movements,same was the case of Sonia illness and and congress lackeys want indian people to trust them

  34. Is Charlie Rose the name of his new girlfriend and he wants a weekend congregation with her :) ? India would be much delighted if he were to settle down there and visit India for a vacation – once in five years. After all Bobby Jindal does require some competition doesn’t he ??

  35. they should check again,this time for ‘raul vinci’

  36. mM.Srinivasan

    Thecat isour of the bag. It is reported tht Aspen is one of the reasl esstateplaces where real estate giantltsthrilve. Apparently,Rahul is there to try his lulck in realestate busines after his potical business venture was not successful.. It is also appropriat toconsolidatehis earninags n the previous business befire they evporate!


  37. Mr rajan.. I know u well paid by political parties like BJP etc but stop spreading rumours and go thru the internet first.. The conference starts from 24th September to 27th September..

  38. rahul gandhi is eating grass with peanuts

  39. Raul Vince cannot enter usa without FBI clearance !!!!!!.

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