ISRO to replace GPS with IRNSS using India-made technology

IRNSS will be operational by July 2016.

By Sreekanth A Nairnavigation

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is getting ready to replace Global Positioning System (GPS) of the US with India-made navigation technology.

ISRO will hold a meeting in Bengaluru next Thursday to discuss how the navigation technology developed by India using the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) can be integrated with mobile phones, Global Information System (GIS) and other devices.

Mobile phone manufacturers and other device developers are expected to attend the meeting that may transform the way the country is using navigation technology now.

ISRO will explain how the indigenous technology is going to be beneficial once the seven satellites under IRNSS get operational by July 2016. Senior scientists from Space Application Centre (SAC) will also attend the meeting.

The Indian technology is more accurate than the American GPS, say experts. ISRO recommends fitting a small hardware in handheld devices, using which the device can receive S-Band signal from IRNSS satellite and to include a code in mobile software that enables the device to receive L-Band signals.

India Times quoted a senior ISRO official saying, “Both these L and S-band signals received from seven satellite constellation of the IRNSS are being calculated by a special embedded software which reduces the errors caused by atmospheric disturbances significantly. This, in turn, gives a superior quality location accuracy than the American GPS system.”

ISRO is planning to provide the signals all over the world, which will be possible by July next year as all the seven satellites under the system, are expected to be in their orbit by March 2016.

The data given by IRNSS will be accurate to almost 20 meters and can be used in car navigation, aircraft and shipping routes, smartphones and other devices.

Two types of services will be provided by the system, a standard one for civilian use and a high end encrypted restricted service for military use.

The seven satellite navigation system is similar to GPS of the US which has 24 satellites, Glonass of Russia (24 satellites), Galileo of Europe (27 satellites) and China’s Beidou (35 satellites).


  1. nyc i want this type of news forever

  2. 7 satelites are better as these 24 satelites are placed all over the world and isro has placed these 7 satelites only in indian region but they are planning to expand their service

  3. I did n’t get that 7 satellite constellation is superior than 24 satellite constellation in terms of accuracy. And moreover I heard this particular system can be used only inside subcontinent.

  4. Wise-thinking idea of integrating the GPS with the IRNSS that’s developed by the ISRO. Especially this is good for the Military form your sayings and this should reach the mobile manufacturers to integrate the apps regarding this.
    Geethapriya, SGBC India, Online Digital Revolution

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