Student from India on F-1 visa deported for working illegally in restaurant

Number of students deported from US continue to grow, says report.

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The Department of Homeland security is checking jobs students on F-1 visas are doing outside of their institution of study, and if found to be working illegally, deporting them, going by a report in The Times of India.

The report, from Hyderabad, quoted a student, named Srikanth P., who had been deported, saying: “After reaching Hyderabad airport, I met a student who was already in USA and was deported for working there. He was working there at an eatery and had intended to leave his job fearing deportation but was caught on the last day of his job. The authorities checked with the eatery after he left and went back to the university to question his eligibility to work.”

A consultant in the education business, P. Anil Kumar, Director, Youthworld Consulting, was quoted as saying in the same Times report: “Most universities allow the students to work legally once they are on a curricular practical training (CPT) or optional practical training (OPT) programs. And in these cases, they are not deported. Students are being scrutinized heavily now. Authorities are even going back to universities and checking on student attendance, checking with local part time jobs and deporting students now. As there are ample part time jobs, most students take up jobs on landing there. Shocked by the recent deportations, many students have already left jobs.”

The flow of students deported from various airports in the US to Hyderabad continued on Sunday too, with 10 more dejected students landing there, the Times reported. The students landed at the Shamshabad airport, taking the count to 25 on Saturday and Sunday. Immigration department authorities hinted at more deported students expected to reach here through Sunday night.

The report said deported students share stories of how “intense combing on all part time illegal jobs in places like gas stations, supermarkets and eateries have prompted many of their friends to give up on the $ 5- 6 per hour jobs that many survive on.”


  1. in bayaarea all uber,doordash are indian students – most indian restaurants esp telugu owned like ulavacharu , himalayan kitchen , biryaniz paradise , etc the list is so big

  2. Caren Gallegos

    Good commentary . I was fascinated by the facts – Does anyone know where my company can grab a sample IRS 1040 – Schedule SE form to use ?

  3. It is illegal. Why do they work ? Is earning 5000 to 10000 dollars a year more important than their whole life ?

    I still see many students working even after deportations. I don’t undrestand why they still do.

    • Ntombienhle

      That’s a stupid comment to make. Why else would they apart from necessity? You think they risk their lives for sport? #foolishness

      • The fact of the matter is that if you cannot come up with a proper legal strategy to survive in the US then you shouldn’t come here.

        I understand that for many people who come from rural engineering backgrounds in India, coming to the US will solve a lot of their financial and societal burdens. However, the rampant spread of such people who don’t hesitate to break the law is making it really difficult for the rest of us who are legally here trying to learn and get employed because we get screwed over by changes made to immigration rules due to these rule breakers.

  4. lots of students from UNT are working at nearby Saravanabhavan resturants in Irving, Texas. They are all working illegally

    • As much as I sympathize with their financial woes, what they are doing is wrong and they should not be allowed to get away with it.

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