Indian American founder of ‘2400 Expert’ Shaan Patel gets invite to ‘Shark Tank’

Patel will appear in the Jan. 29th episode of the ABC reality show.

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A young Indian American entrepreneur from Nevada, Shaan Patel, will be pitching for investment for his startup ‘2400 Expert’ – an SAT & ACT Test prep company – on the January 29th episode of ABC’s hit show ‘Shark Tank’ which has the ability to make multi-millionaires in a few years for those  who manage to get a deal.

Patel’s start-up ‘2400 Expert’ offers 6-week courses in 20 major U.S. cities; and online. A Clark High School graduate, he has bootstrapped the venture, and his big moment is coming up. And Patel is not resting on the possibility of whether he gets a deal or not. He is creating buzz within the community with his call-up on the show, reported CBS.

Patel, 26, has put in nearly 2,000 hours of work into developing the curriculum and books for his prep course.  His product pitch claims 100 strategies developed by a perfect-scoring SAT student, double the course hours and half the price of top instructors.

In an interview to CBS, Patel revealed that the “secret to getting on Shark Tank is to ignore Shark Tank. Every year 50,000 people apply to Shark Tank and approximately 100 make it onto the show. Entrepreneurs who would like to get on Shark Tank should not focus on getting Shark Tank. Instead, they should focus on building their business. Every entrepreneur who has ever appeared on Shark Tank has spent years working day and night to create value. If you come up with an idea for the purpose of getting on Shark Tank, then you are doing everything backwards. You should start with a great idea, but more importantly great execution of that idea. Once you have done that, Shark Tank will be much more interested in what you have to offer.”

Patel is also trying to “recruit” viewers for his Shark Tank episode.  And he’s throwing a viewing party on Jan. 29th at his alma mater Clark High School where he’ll also be giving away $30,000 worth of SAT prep books and another $100,000 in prep courses to the general public.


Shark Tank $100,000 Giveaway & Viewing PartyTo celebrate airing on ABC’s Shark Tank Fri Jan 29, 2400 Expert SAT Prep is giving away $100,000 in courses & streaming an online viewing party! Share to help us break the record for most viewers: 8.6 million! #breaktherecord

Posted by Shaan Patel on Saturday, January 16, 2016

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