Goat arrested in India for trespassing on garden of a judge

Owner of the goat sent to 2-day remand.

By Sreekanth A Nair


In a bizarre incident, Chhattisgarh police arrested a goat on Tuesday for trespassing on the property of a judge in Korea district of the state. The goat was released later on, but the police have charged a case against the owner of it.

Every day the goat allegedly entered the premises of the bungalow of Judicial Magistrate (first class) H. Ratre and ate plants and vegetables in the garden. Amid the continuous warnings given by the judge to Abdul Hasan, 40, the owner of the ‘intruder’, the goat continued to trespass.

The judge, on Monday, called up senior police officers and complained about the goat. Acting quickly on the complaint, the police immediately took the goat and its owner into custody.

“The judge’s bungalow has an iron gate and the goat used to jump over it and enter,” said Assistant Sub-Inspector R P Srivastava.

“The peon who maintains the garden had warned the owner of the goat many times. So today he filed a complaint and we arrested the goat and its owner,” he added.

Hasan was charged under sections 447 (criminal trespass) and 427 (mischief causing damage) of Indian Penal Code (IPC).

“My goat scaled the boundary wall again and ate flowers and vegetables from the garden. It was taken to the police station and then the police also brought me in,” Hasan was quoted as saying by Press Trust of India.

He was sent to a two-day remand by a court.

The incident, however, has sparked a political controversy with the opposition Congress party coming down heavily on the police.

“The ‘arrest’ of a goat is ridiculous. Chhattisgarh police have made fun of themselves by doing so,” Congress leader Shailesh Nitin Trivedi said, and he added, “Those accused in rape cases are moving freely.

“The most painful and disappointing aspect is the entry made by an ASI of Chhatisgarh police in diary that the goat used to graze despite several warnings. Chhattisgarh police is communicating with even goats, this is one aspect of the incident,” he said.

In 2015, in a similar incident, Maharashtra police had taken a parrot into custody for making indecent remarks.

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