Judge dismisses lawsuit by Indian, Chinese workers to get Green Card

Retrogression means many more years of wait for permanent residency.

AB Wire

In a big blow to tens of thousands of immigrants from India and China, who were hoping to get their Green Cards soon, but were thwarted by retrogression of dates in their class, by the Department of Homeland Security, a federal judge in Seattle has thrown out their lawsuit.

The lawsuit was to allow them to apply to become legal permanent residents, reported the Associated Press.

The lawsuit was filed last fall on behalf of tens of thousands of immigrants, many of whom work for top tech companies and medical firms.

They said that early last September, a State Department bulletin announced what categories of immigrants would be allowed to apply for their green cards beginning last Oct. 1. Because they fell in that category, they started spending thousands of dollars apiece on legal fees, paperwork and medical tests.

But on Sept. 25, the government revised its bulletin, severely curtailing who could apply.

U.S. District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez dismissed the lawsuit Monday, saying the original announcement did not confer any rights on the immigrants, AP reported.

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