GOP Convention Watch party to be held at the office of Hogan Lovells in Washington

Amy K. Dacey, CEO, Democratic National Committee, is expected to attend.

AB Wire


A reception and GOP convention Watch Party will be held at the office of Hogan Lovells, in Washington, DC, on Thursday, July 21.

The meet is being organized by the Democratic National Committee, Heritage Council, and five individuals: Rokas Beresniovas, Ali Chalupa, Richard Kirby, Terry Lierman and Christine Warnke.

Special guests expected to attend the convention watch party include Jane Campbell, former Mayor of Cleveland; Amy K. Dacey, CEO, Democratic National Committee; and former Congresswoman Betty Sutton.

With the GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump having declared the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence as his running mate, all eyes would also be on the vice presidential candidate of the party, who is already drawing equal praise and criticism from within the party.

Watch parties are a quintessential aspect of the presidential election cycle, and it’s just the beginning, as after the two conventions, would begin the most awaited event of the century: the nationally televised debates between the Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Trump, which is bound to get top ratings globally this time around.

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