Sikh community leader made honorary police assistant in Chicago to help in hate crime cases

Baba Daljit Singh is Nanaksar Sikh Temple chief.


Nanaksar Sikh Temple chief Baba Daljit Singh, 55, has been made honorary police assistant in Chicago, Illinois, to increase cooperation between law enforcement and community members in cases of hate crimes and discrimination.

Singh was sworn-in as a new chaplain to serve the Rockford Police Department and the community, reported PTI.

Singh, the first Sikh to be made honorary police assistance in Chicago, will bridge gap between policemen and community members in cases of hate crimes and discrimination, said the report.

“That is the important thing, we religious persons, spiritual persons, will tell the community, the people of Rockford, the police serves you,” he was quoted as saying by 13 news website.

“My goal is to serve the humanity and deliver the message of Sikkhism in western community which are the need of the hour,” he said.

Singh said it is important for religious leaders and police to work together for betterment of the community.

His duties include providing support and assistance to police officers, firefighters, other employees and their families during times of crisis.

Singh will assist police officers and firefighters to communicate with victims when required. The Chaplain Section of the police department also assists people in emergency-like situations.

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