Atif Aslam: Top 5 songs

Atif Aslam to take Washington, DC, audiences by storm in concert to be held on October 21 at 8 PM at Warner Theatre DC.

Atif Aslam; via Twitter
Atif Aslam; via Twitter

WASHINGTON, DC: Over the years, Bollywood has produced many singers. Some of these singers have become the stuff of legends, whereas others have languished after singing only a few songs.

Being an ardent and devoted Bollywood fan, I have noticed that within the past decade or so, very few singers have been able to make a mark on me and audiences in general. Perhaps this is due to singers aping older singers, or not being able to carve out their own identity in the songs that they have been singing. Additionally, when I listen to music, I look for songs that can convey romance with the right emotional intensity, not simply “passing time”.

One singer, however, has stood out to me since 2007 and I have been blown away by his style and melodious songs. A singer whose songs are not only entertaining, but hold a deeper meaning for romance: the pain, the joy, and the nuances. Only one singer in modern time fits this bill, who is on track to become a legend, and that is the superstar: Atif Aslam, who will be gracing Washington, DC, audiences with a concert on October 21 at the Warner Theatre at 8 PM.

Aslam’s popularity is unquestionable. I recall when I had first seen him in concert sometime back, at the beginning of his Bollywood career. The cheers and roar of the audience when he came on stage, the audience engagement, was unparalleled to anything that I had seen before. Concerts that had featured the Khans, for example, did not have as much euphoria within the audience than what I witnessed when I saw Aslam in concert.

When October 21, 2016
Where Warner Theater,
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Most fascinating about Aslam’s popularity is the fact that it is not limited to only millennials or youngsters. More experienced generations have also appreciated his work and been drawn by his appeal! Recently, I had a conversation with a gentleman who told me how impressed and surprised he was when he spoke to a group of middle aged women at a concert featuring a variety of singers, including Aslam. The women, with full enthusiasm, said that they had come to see the show solely for Atif and his songs! To cut across generations and amass popularity among diverse age groups is a hallmark of true stardom.

Although Atif has had many popular songs over the years, there are five in particular that have left an indelible impact on me. Let’s have a look at what I perceive to be his 5 best works:

  1. Woh Lamhe, Woh Baatein – Zeher (2005)

This sensuous track, picturized on Emraan Hashmi and Shamita Shetty in this hit thriller, became a huge chartbuster upon release and was one of Aslam’s earliest successes in Bollywood. The smooth and easy on the ears melody indicates the intense emotions and memories associated with first love. Aslam’s flawless vocals transported audiences to their experiences of love, and this connect carried the song towards immense adulation. In fact, it would not be an understatement to say that this song was one of the key contributors to the movie being given a “Hit” status upon release.

  1. Bakhuda Tumhi Ho – Kismat Konnection (2006)

A sweet number featuring Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan, this song lightly depicted the beauty and innocence of love. In this song, Aslam implemented an upbeat and joyful style of singing to the tone of the song to indicate the celebration that comes with falling in love. Pritam provided the music for this number and till date, it remains one of Aslam’s best.

  1. Tere Liye – Prince (2010)

This is one of my most favorite Aslam numbers. It has a techno tone to it, is incredibly upbeat and disco-ish, and what I frequently listen to on the way to the gym. Picturized on Vivek Oberoi and actress Aruna Shields, this pumping number guarantees at least a foot tap if not up-on-your-seat dancing! Aslam’s vocals and Sachin Gupta’s music take this song (and album) to an entirely new level!

  1. Tera Hone Laga Hoon – Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009)

One Aslam’s all-time hits featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, this is another sweet number celebrating the innocence and joys of love. The lilting voice of Atif, combined with the delicate melody of Pritam, made this song a sure-shot winner back in 2009 and was instrumental in cementing Aslam’s status as a musical superstar. Once again, the music of this film contributed greatly to the film’s success.

  1. Pehli Nazar Mein – Race (2008)

This song really needs no introduction. Undoubtedly Atif’s most popular number, who can forget how romantic this song was and how Atif won audiences all around the world due to this song? Pritam’s music and Atif’s voice really kicked off with this song and began a winning combination. The song became a rage and continues to enjoy mass popularity even today.

This is but a snapshot of Atif’s work, but clearly his music has been revolutionary and trendsetting all around the world.

To listen to Atif is an experience, however to see him live is an all-together different phenomena which must be viewed by everyone. I’m looking forward to his concert on October 21, for which I have discovered, tickets are selling like hot cakes. I’m all ready to go with my tickets, have you got yours yet?

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