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Doval meets Trump’s NSA-designate Michael Flynn at transition headquarters

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Doval will also meet Susan Rice

Ajit Doval

The National Security Advisor of India (NSA) Ajit Doval met Michael Flynn, his upcoming counterpart in the Trump administration and discussed important issues pertaining to regional and global significant in Washington on Monday.

The meeting between Docal and Flynn marked the third such high-level discussion after the Donald Trump won the presidential election in November. Earlier, Narendra Modi had called up president-elect Trump to congratulate him on his election victory, thus beginning a series of discussions.

The second high-profile talks happened between the Foreign Secretary of India S Jaishankar who meet the transition team of Trump a week back in New York. As of now, there is no official word on the subjects of the discussions but there is a strong indication that more discussions will happen in the coming days.

According to a report, the third meeting was arranged by Flynn who invited the NSA chief to the headquarters of the transition team to discuss how both India and the US can move forward by working together in areas of sharing intelligence and countering terrorism.

Doval has a high reputation as an office of the India Police Service with a vast experience in counter-terrorism operations and counter-espionage operations while he was at the helm of affairs at the Intelligence Bureau.

On the other hand, Flynn is a took a voluntary retirement from intelligence officer at the US Defense Intelligence Agency after a disagreement with the Obama administration. He had played a pivotal role in during the insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to reports, the first meeting between Flynn and Doval was just a customary “getting to know each other” as the two key portfolio handlers whose decisions will be vital for building a stable Indo-US relationship have not met before.

Flynn, a confidant of Donald Trump and his adviser on national security affairs, has the complete trust of the president-elect on issues related to national security.

As there is no prior information available on the views of Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State nominee and James Mattis, the Secretary of Defense about their attitude towards India, it is imperative that envoys like Doval meet and get acquainted with the top leadership of the Trump administration.

Doval will also meet Susan Rice during his current visit, probably for the final time in her tenure as the chef of NSA.

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