Trump appoints Indian American Raj Shah to key White House position

“I am thrilled for the opportunity,” says Shah.

A day after the “fab five” made the Indian American community proud, the community has more good news coming in as the Presidential Transition Team has announced the appointment of Indian American Raj Shah to key White House position.

According to the announcement made by the Transition Team, Raj Sha, whose parents migrated to the US from India, will take up the role of the Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Communication Director and Research Director of the Trump administration.

Shah who is currently heading the Opposition Research n the Republican National Committee has played a key role in during formulating the parties anti-Clinton campaign during the days ahead of the election.

Shah headed a team of experts who did extensive research on campaign rhetoric that can be used against Hillary Clinton. The poll results suggest that it worked like charm against the prospects of the Democratic candidate’s victory.

The announcement of Shah’s name to the key position in the White House was made by next Chief of Staff Reince Priebus along with other announcements.

“These individuals will be key leaders in helping to implement the president-elect’s agenda and bring real change to Washington,” incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said in a statement. “Each of them has been instrumental over the last several months, and in some cases years, in helping the president-elect.”

Raj Shah

Reacting to his appointment, Shah said, “I am thrilled for the opportunity. Humbled and very excited to join this new administration to help its efforts and handle the message on the biggest agenda items. I will have the opportunity to serve front and center.”

Shah is one of the brilliant brains that Trup campaign had appointed for mining the negative aspects of the opposition leaders, giving advantage for Trump to attack his adversaries.

His earlier assignment was during the presidency of George W Bush when he served as the research assistant. He was also part of the campaign team of John McCain in 2008 who fought an unsuccessful race against Barack Obama to the White House.

At the Republican National Committee Shah has worked closely with Priebus and Trump’s spokesperson Sean Spicer.

Shah was entitled to manage the research section of GOP website during Trumps run for the election. The in depth analysis and criticisms of Hillary Clinton’s past and her shady practices that put national security at risks were all managed by Shah and his research team.

(Story was updated on 05-01-2017)

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