BBC ‘Spy In The Wild’ series: Monkeys mourn the death of a robot baby; Chimp adopts kitten

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The spy animals have been made using a sophisticated technology.

A BBC wildlife series exploring animal compassion has been released with the first episode featuring a male chimpanzee clasping to a replica kitten, protecting it from predators and adopting it as a pet.

The video titled Spy in the Wild has been shot using the replica of wild animals. The robot animals with built in cameras recorded the actions and reactions of animals on seeing the replica.

Executive producer of the series John Downer explained: “It was a voyage of discovery. We were never quite certain what we were going to discover. You never know you’re going to be getting a chimp who takes a kitten as a pet. That is extraordinary. It was so unexpected and had never been filmed before.”

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The scientists and producers of the show were awe struck after seeing a group of langur monkeys in India got confused with the baby robot replica and mistook it as one of its members.

According to the crew, they were planning to record the langur habit of shared babysitting. But what they got instead was a touching video. When the spy robot langur fell down from a height after a careless member of langur played a prank, and lay dead the whole langur family is overcome by grief.

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Matthew said: “We felt this calm and silence coming over them. All the noise they were making at the beginning just went completely silent and then they hugged each other.”

The spy animals have been made using a sophisticated technology that enables it to mimic the voice and movement of wild animals.

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Robotic versions of crocodiles, orangutans, monkeys, dogs, birds and tortoises are among the creatures specially built for the series.