Not a part of NASA mission, astronaut Shawna Pandya

Indian Canadian Pandya clarifies on her rumored selection for NASA’s 2018 space mission.

Shawna Pandya (Courtesy of Facebook)

Astronaut Shawna Pandya on Thursday cleared all the rumors and denied the news that she has been shortlisted by NASA for a space mission.

Several news reports said that Pandya would be part of NASA’s 2018 mission under the Citizen Science Astronaut Program and described her as the third-ever woman of Indian origin, after Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Willams, to be chosen for a NASA mission.

“There has been no new announcement, flight assignment or selection of missions with respect to my work as a citizen-scientist astronaut with Project possum or The PHEnOM Project. I am no more or less likely to fly than any other member of than these projects than I was 24 hours ago. I remain, however, a steadfast, committed and dedicated teammate and crew member to the work of both projects,” Pandya wrote in a Facebook post.

She clarified that The Canadian Space Agency astronaut selection is ongoing and she is not a part of it.

“While I have previously interned at NASA-Johnson Space Center, I have no current affiliation with either organization, and would like to clarify that any reports or articles claiming such are mistaken,” she wrote.

The 32-year-old physician also clarified that she in neither a neurosurgeon nor an opera singer. While she trained in neurosurgery for a short period, her medical license is in general practice.

“I look forward to continue my work as a physician, speaker and citizen-scientist astronaut and aquanaut, and just as importantly, look forward to continuing my work with outreach and education about these projects,” she added.

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