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US visa applications from India witness sharp drop

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Students, professionals looking for options outside US.

Application for immigrant visa

The number of applications for the US visas has dropped by nearly 70 percent, The Times of India reported.

In the wake of President Trump’s proposed immigration policies and a couple of Republican senators pushing for stricter rules, experts predict a spree of applicants withdrawing their US visa applications.

“Each day, I am getting more than 400 [to] 500 inquiries by email and 100 [to] 200 applicants coming in person and now looking to change their destination to either Canada, Australia or New Zealand,” Kuldip Singh, a Chandigarh based expert told Times of India.

Singh said that Trump’s recent executive order to temporarily ban visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries is “arbitrary and unjustified”.

The newspaper also quoted an immigration consultant based in Jalandhar who confirmed that people are looking for other options.

“We are in the middle of submitting applications in US universities, but many students are withdrawing their applications, This is unheard of,” said another Chandigarh-based immigration expert Sapna Hundal, Times of India reported.

The professionals who are already in the US, too, are searching for other options as the chances of permanent settlement look glim, the report said.

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