India among top 12 foreign holders of US Securities

Department of Treasury’s report lists India as a major foreign holder

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The US Department of the Treasury on Friday released a report that shows India as the 12th largest holder of the US government securities at the end of 2016, PTI reported.

As per the report, India had an exposure worth $118.2 billion, with holdings worth $1.09 trillion. Japan, with $1090.8 billion remained the largest foreign treasury security holder followed by China with exposure of $1058.4 billion.

According to the data published in the official website of US Department of the treasury, India’s holding stood at $118.7 billion in November, lower than $123.0 seen in October. In December 2015, India’s exposure was to the tune of $116.8 billion.

Ireland, with holdings worth $288.2, stands at the third place followed by Cayman Island ($263.5 billion) and Brazil ($259.2 billion).

Switzerland ($229.3 billion), Luxembourg ($223.4 billion), United Kingdom ($217.1 billion), Hong Kong ($191.4 billion), Taiwan ($189.3 billion) and Belgium ($120.4 billion) are the other nations having more holdings than India.

The data also shows that Russia held US government securities worth $86.1 billion in December 2016 and stands at the 16th position in the list.

The website says that the data in the list are collected primarily from US based custodian and broker-dealers, since US securities held in overseas custody accounts may not be attributed to the actual owners.

“Foreign residents decreased their holdings of long-term US securities in December; net sales were $13.9 billion. Net sales by private foreign investors were $32 billion, while net purchases by foreign official institutions were $18.1 billion,” the Treasury Department’s statement read.

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