Extremist elements also active in India, US warns citizens in latest travel advisory

US citizens should avoid travel to Afghanistan, Department of State said.

Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi (Courtesy of twitter)

The United States on Monday issued a travel warning for its citizens visiting South Asians nations Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh; and hinted at India, too.

“Extremist elements are also active in India, as outlined in a recent emergency message. Terrorists have hit a wide variety of targets and institutions in Bangladesh,” the US Department of State said in a statement.

“The US government assesses terrorist groups in South Asia may be planning attacks in the region, possibly against US facilities, citizens and interests. US citizens should avoid travel to Afghanistan, as no region in the country is immune from violence,” the official statement read.

“A number of established terrorist organizations, indigenous sectarian groups, and other militants pose a danger to US citizens in Pakistan,” the advisory added.

The State Department warning came the same day President Trump signed a revise executive order that temporarily bars people from six predominantly Muslim countries, excluding Iraq this time.

The 90-day ban on people from Syria, Sudan, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen does not apply to travelers who already have valid US visas or US green cards.

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