Indian American hotelier Vikram Chatwal gets community service for trying to torch dogs

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Chatwal, the founder of the Dream Hotels, would appear in the court again on July 19.

Indian American hotelier Vikram Chatwal, who was found guilty of trying to torch two dogs has been ordered by a Manhattan judge to do five days of community service after he agreed to a plea deal.

Chatwal was found guilty for trying to burn a pair of Jack Russell terriers last year.

According to the New York daily News, the 45-year-old hotelier pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors – aggravated animal cruelty and animal cruelty violation.

When Manhattan Judge Gerianne Abriano asked Chatwal whether he “attempted to cause serious physical injury to two dogs using an aerosol can and lighter to set fire to them? Chatwal, answered “yes”.

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In addition to the five-day community service that he agreed to do, Chatwal also has agreed to get psychological treatment for his disorder and pay $1000 in restitution to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which took care of the dogs that Chatwal tried to put on flame.

According to the ruling, if Chatwal complies with the terms and conditions that also includes a clause that says he should live with his parents, the non-indictable offense charged against him will be lifted.

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“We’re pleased that the DA’s office realized all of the mitigating factors and is offering this disposition,” Arthur Aidala, Chatwal’s attorney, said after the plea.

Assistant District Attorney Tanisha Palvia said that “given the defendant’s mental health history and lack of criminal history and minimal injury to the dogs, we are offering” a no-jail deal.

Chatwal was arrested by the police in October last year after he attacked two Jack Russell dogs, named Molly and Finnegan, on Wooster Street in Soho near his condominium.

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Isabell Suquilanda, the dog walker filed a lawsuit against Chatwal citing that the incident deeply traumatized her.

Chatwala will be named as an animal abuser in the register and in addition to this, he will be placed under a 5-year animal ban, which essentially means he can’t own or have custody of any animals.

Chatwal, the founder of the Dream Hotels, would appear in the court again on July 19.