Goa minister thanks Donald Trump, says H-1B visa crackdown should be exploited

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Goa will implement a proper start-up policy within the next 10 days, Rohan Khaunte said

Rohan Khaunte (Courtesy of twitter)

Goa’s IT Minister Rohan Khaunte on Thursday thanked Donald Trump and said that the state government should look to exploit the United States’ crackdown on H-1B visa rules.

“Thanks to Donald Trump, we are having issues of H-1B visas. We are having a lot of people who have gone abroad, who are wanting to come back for various reasons. We need to find industry and security for them. And that is a challenge which we have taken,” Khaunte said while addressing a gathering of polytechnic students, IANS reported.

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He said that the government will implement a proper policy on start-ups in Goa within the next 10 days.

“A policy which will allow our people from Goa to remain back as sons of the soil, take advantage of the policies. We would also look at people who have migrated outside Goa to look towards back-migration,” he said.

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Bureaucratic red-tape was leading to delay in getting sanctions for start-ups in Goa, the minister added.