Video: Indian American student Gaurav Jhaveri touches IIT Chicago Dean’s feet at convocation, leaves him puzzled

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Gaurav Jhaveri touched the feet of his Dean after receiving the graduation certificate

In India, bowing down to touch an elder’s feet is passed a routine gesture. It is considered respectful and a part of the Indian tradition and culture. An Indian American student followed this custom during his graduation ceremony at Illinois Institute of Technology. However, for many Twitter users this was unusual, and the social media went abuzz after watching the incident’s video.

IIT Chicago student Gaurav Jhaveri touched the feet of his Dean after receiving the graduation certificate, out of sheer respect but the dean, shocked and puzzled, kept looking at his student as he had no clue of what had just happened.

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The reaction of the dean can be found hilarious as he first stares at his feet as his student leaned and touched it. Thereafter he looked at the student, who walked down the podium without even looking back to explain his gesture.

The video has also created a round of humorous discourse over the internet with some people calling Jhaveri the “Sanskari” face of India. Many people appreciated him for keeping his Indian values intact without the slightest of shame in a foreign land.

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A twitter user shared the video on Friday saying “Indians will be Indians”. Soon, the video went viral and within three days it garnered more than 10,000 likes and retweets along with lots of jokes and memes.

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