Iowa-based H-1B dependent IT company caught discriminating against American workers in a job posting

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The American Technology Consultant (ATC) immediately rectified and updated the advertisement that asked for only H-1B visa holders.

An Iowa-based IT company American Technology Consultant has caught attention for blatantly posting job vacancy only for H-1B visa holders. The advertisement, which was published on ZipRecuiter last week, posted a requirement for a Java Developer but mentioned “H1B Only” in brackets, hinting that the natives need not apply.

The copy of the job vacancy was posted on Twitter by Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, on Friday. Soon thereafter, the company updated the advertisement and blamed a third party for putting up the wrong ad.

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“It’s explicitly against the law,” Krikorian said, Lifezette reported. “This isn’t some gray area. But it does tell you what this company is about.”

Krikorian retweeted the job listing on June 9; it has already been shared more than 434 times and has gathered 454 Likes. Later that day, Krikorian commented that the Twitter post was not by mistake. “The twitter feed of the company that ran the #H1b-only ad suggests it wasn’t a fluke: @ATC_webmaster,” he tweeted. He said that it does not matter if ATC changed the advertisement content, as it reflects on the company’s hiring policies.

Tara Jose, the president of the multi-million dollar company ATC, said that it was an error, which they have correct, and shall not repeat. “Being a US citizen myself, I completely agree with you,” Jose said. “Once we became aware of it, it came down immediately. That’s not what we do at all.”

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Revised advertisement. Credit: LifeZette.

Donna Conroy, who heads Bright Future Jobs, an advocacy group, told Lifezette that such violations were much common sometime back. Her organization’s report in 2014 highlighted one such instance concerning an Indian job portal publishing help-wanted ads. She said that after they brought it to notice of the concerned departments, for a while, the advertisements stopped but reappeared eventually.

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A quick research on the company’s hiring pattern reveals that it mostly takes candidates from India.