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Indian American student was called a “sand ni****” on Tinder

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Northwestern University said that it is looking into the incident

The Illinois-based Northwestern University is looking into an incident in which a sophomore from its Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences appeared to send a racial slur Tinder message to an Indian American Dartmouth College student last week.

Brendan Amos, who matched with Indian American Anjali on Tinder, on June 18 and, the incident came out when her friend Devon Kurtz, who is also a Dartmouth College, tweeted about it with a screenshot of the conversation.

“Your student really kept it classy with my friend. She’s of Indian descent. This is disgusting… @NorthwesternU,” he wrote.

The University’s action came after Kurtz and several other people filed reports against Amos,The Daily Northwestern reported.

The conversation starts with Amos reply to Anjali’s bio that read “Send memes” as “I’m not tryna send memes I’m just tryna smash”. After exchanging several messages, in which Amos tried to disprove Anjali’s claim that she was using Tinder out of boredom, he called her a “sand ni***r.”

“I did not send the message in question,” The Daily Northwestern quoted a statement from Amos. “I am not a racist person. I am sorry for anyone who has been affected by this incident, and I do not condone the language used.”

Anjali, who don’t want to disclose her last name, told The BuzzFeed News that Amos later messaged her through Facebook Messenger and apologized, claiming the message was sent by an “extremely inebriated friend.”

He told her that people are witch hunting him after Kurtz tweet and expressed his fear of being expelled from the university.

“Like I’m freaking out I worked so hard to get to this point and now I might lost it all because of some dumb tinder line my blacked out friend wrote,” BuzzFeed News quoted Amos.

Anjali told the website that she matched with Amos as they both were from Hanover, New Hampshire, and had some common friends.

“I don’t want his life ruined by it,” she added.