Bikers attack Indian American family; not racially motivated, says police

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Police is still investigating, is asking anyone with information to call their officers.

The police have confirmed that the attack on Indian American Muslim family by bikers on the night of August 6 was not racially motivated.

The reported incident happened when a group of bikers allegedly attacked Mohammad Ghazanfar’s cars that were on their way to New Jersey from Kennedy International Airport.

According to the Ghazanfar, he saw through the car mirror that the bikers were following the minivan in which his sister and family were traveling.

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“They’re yelling, cursing, kicking the car and all I see in the mirror, and then I see it’s my sister’s car,” Mohammad told WCBS 880.

Ghazanfar pulled up to check if everything was alright. On inquiring, Ghazanfar alleged that one of the bikers called him “Indian” and punched on his face before he left the scene.

“This guy comes around from the other side, he swings at me, he punches me in my face, then he started cursing saying, you know the f-word, ‘you effing Indian,’ this and that,” he added.

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Windows on the driver and passenger side of the white cargo van were smashed and the minivan driver side mirror was broken.

According to police, they haven’t identified the attackers but said that the incident that happened in the King Georges Road in the Fords section of Woodbridge Township is still under investigation.

Police also confirmed on Wednesday that unlike previously reported, the incident was not the result of bias or racially motivated.

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According to a police press release, the incident in which the Indian family was attacked started out of an altercation involving the victim’s vehicle and the motorcycles. It also said that the victim refused to take medical care after the alleged assault.

The department, which is still investigating, is asking anyone with information to call their officers at 732-634-7700.