Indian American Saahil Arora becomes world’s top earning gamer

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Arora left the University of Wisconsin to cherish his dreams.

Indian American Saahil Arora has been named as the highest-earning gamer in the world by

According to the sports website, the data compiled by Statista record has found Saahil Arora to be the highest earning gamer in the world.

Arora, who left the University of Wisconsin to cherish his dreams, followed gaming as his profession.

He has already achieved $2.8 million from 67 tournaments to his credit so far with an average earning of $42,000 per tournament.

Saahil Arora is currently playing for the team Evil Geniuses and he is known in the pseudonym UNiVeRsE.

Apart from Arora, Peter Dager is another highest paid gamer and he is the CEO of Evil Geniuses.

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Dager is earning $2.6 million while another gamer, who also happens to be Saahil Arora’s teammate – Sumail Hassan, is getting paid with $2.51 million.

The above-mentioned players are currently participating in the 2017 edition of The International (TI), a Dota 2 tournament which will be will be held at KeyArena, a multi-purpose arena in Seattle Center with a capacity of over 17,000 people.

The games in the tournament seem will be multiplayer online battle arena tournament and it will be held from August 7 to 12.

The major feature of this tournament is that the winning team will get an amount of $10,538,683 and going by the figures, the amount will be more than the prize money given during the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup.

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Saahil Arora said that he is excited about this year’s event.

According to ESPN, he said, ” The level of excitement, the kind of feeling-fans all over the world, there are more fans here than any other event. And if you make a huge play, the feeling you get after making it is more than any other event because you hear the roar of the crowd. The atmosphere overall is just way different.”

The team Evil Geniuses has a lot of fans in the North America and they had finished in top three at TI for the last 3 years. The top performer of the team, Sumail Hassan, the 18-year-old belongs to Karachi, Pakistan, apparently, plays a huge role in the team and great impact among other players.

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Sumail told the website, “I have played two TIs, and at each TI, I feel like, I have been the MVP. It just happens at every TI. I play better than everyone else. So hopefully it happens again, and if we win..I just want to call myself the greatest of all time.”