Facebook introduces new features for group admins; new tool to ban members

Group admins can now write a welcome message that will automatically tag the new joiner

The next time someone comments or posts against the policy and guidelines of a Facebook group, the admin of the group can slap a temporary or a permanent ban.

Facebook has introduced a new feature whereby admins of a group can slap a temporary ban on its member from commenting and posting.

The admins are also now given complete control over who should stay and who should not as they can remove a member from multiple groups in just a single click, announced Facebook on Thursday.

“We’ve also heard that conversations in even the most supportive groups can sometimes get heated, so we’ve created more tools for admins to manage members that might have forgotten group rules of conduct,” read a press release of the social media giant.

Additionally, Facebook has introduced a number of new tools that give more privileges to group admins to help them grow and manage their communities.

One of the new features included is separate badges for group admins, moderators, and new members, which will be displayed along with their profile photo.

Group admins can now write a welcome message that will automatically tag the new joiner introducing the person to the existing members of the group.

Also, a new feature by the name ‘Member Profile’ has been introduced by Facebook. Now, when a group member clicks on the profile of another, it will redirect to a page with just the publically available details and the person’s activities in the group.

Facebook has also expanded the Group Insight tool by adding personalized tips such as scheduling posts at times when members are most engaged.

“We’ve learned so much from working with group admins already, and this is just the beginning. There’s a lot more work to be done and we look forward to continue building the tools they need to bring the world closer together,” said the statement.


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