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Women must come forward with their experiences, says Sunny Leone

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The former porn actress Sunny Leone said her husband had always been around to protect her from harm.

Sunny Leone (Courtesy of Twitter).

Indian American actress Sunny Leone says that she has never faced any bad experiences in Bollywood film industry.

Sunny Leone said women need to come forward with their experiences and to become a paradigm for the society as it will motivate others who are afraid of voicing their stories. Leone is active in Bollywood since 2012 and she entered Bollywood through her film Jism 2. The actoress said she has never faced any sexual harassment in the industry.

When she was asked about the Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood, the actress said, “With me, nothing like this has happened here. Thank God, I did not have any bad experiences. But i have known people and read things. I had my husband Daniel always around me to fill in the nonsense that keeps happening. He did all the filtering. He made sure i was not hurt.”

She added, “He did all the filtering, he made sure i was not hurt, Leone said. The actress has also expressed her views about women empowerment. “The more women speak up, the easier it is going to be for that young lady, who is facing that situation, be it at offices or public place. From hearing these stories, she might have the courage to tell her own story”, Leone added.


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