Indian American physician Sapan Shah to run for Illinois’ 10th Congressional District in 2018

Dr. Sapan Shah. Credit:

Sapan Shah, an Indian American physician from Libertyville, has announced his candidacy in Illinois for the state’s 10th Congressional District seat as a Republican.

Shah, a physician, entrepreneur and a successful family man from Libertyville, has declared that he is running for Congress in Illinois’10th District to bring real-world experience and common sense to Washington, D.C.

The 37-year-old candidate mainly plans to focus on the areas including healthcare crisis, taxes and spending; and championing the role of citizen legislators as intended by the nation’s founders.

The Republican primary is scheduled for March 20. Shah is competing against two other Republicans who have already announced their candidacy earlier. He is competing against Jeremy Wynes and Doug Bennett.

Wynes, a lawyer by profession who declared in May 2017, has worked for the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC. Bennet, on the other hand, is a computer consultant and vice chair of West Deerfield Township Republicans.

The District 10 seat is currently held by the three-term incumbent Brad Schneider. It will be a challenge for Shah to win in the primary as Schneider is unopposed for the Democratic primary.

Shah is the founder of Flagship Healthcare in Chicago which supports some 800 physicians and several hospitals throughout the country. He says that this allowed him to understand the problems with the healthcare system up close.

“As a doctor who has spent his entire adult life in and around the medical field, I am uniquely qualified to address the health care crisis we find ourselves in today, i will accomplish this through competition and transparency, empowering individuals by putting them in charge of their own healthcare.” Shah said in a press statement.

Shah was born in 1980 in Waukegan and was brought up in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is married to Rachna, who also holds a medical degree.

Shah also serves as Membership Chair for Hyde Park Angels, an early stage investment group.

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