AAPI begins its 11th Annual Global Healthcare Summit in Kolkata, India

Dr. Gautam Samadder addressing the contestants at the prestigious GHS Young Innovators Research Competition at the famous Calcutta Medical College.

American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), USA, is holding its 11th Annual Global Healthcare Summit (GHS) at JW Marriott, Kolkata, India. The 3-day event started on December 28 and will conclude on December 30.

“This GHS promises to be one with the greatest impact and significant contributions towards harnessing the power of international Indian diaspora to bring the most innovative, efficient, cost effective healthcare solutions to India,” said Dr. Gautam Samadder, president, AAPI.

The Summit is being organized in partnership with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, along with collaboration with over 15 professional associations from all over the world.

Being attended by over 100 opinion leaders and expert speakers, this year’s theme is Healthcare, Career and Commerce, with a focus on women healthcare, including high priority areas such as cardiology, maternal and child health, diabetes, oncology, surgery, mental health, HIT, allergy, immunology and lung health, gastroenterology, transplant and impact of comorbidities.

In collaboration with the American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine and the American Heart Association, AAPI is organizing a 3-day workshop/training (EMTC) to over 150 first responders, including police, para-medical professional at the KPC Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata as part of the GHS.

Offering trainings to First Responders, a CEO Forum led by a galaxy of CEOs from around the world, inauguration of AAPI-sponsored clinic, CMEs, cultural events, dinner cruise on the Ganges, interactive roundtables, clinical practice workshops, scientific poster/research session and meet-the-expert sessions, Women’s Forum by internally acclaimed successful women from India, a special session on Public-Private Partnership featuring AAPI Healthcare Charitable showcase & innovation, and Town Hall sessions resulting in a White Paper on helping create policies benefitting the people of India, are only some of the major highlights of the Healthcare Summit, Samadder said in a press statement.

The Summit will also result in the inauguration of the first ever free AAPI sponsored health clinic in the state of West Bengal, serving thousands of people from the northeastern region of India. The organization, in collaboration with the American University of Antigua (AUA), is also organizing a 3-day workshop/training (EMTC) training over 150 first responders including police, para-medical professional at the KPC Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata, as part of the Summit.

“EMTC has become an official National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) Training Center, bringing it to the forefront of both international and national discussions and initiatives that have a significant impact on the EMS profession,” said Neal Simon, president, AUA. AAPI Advisor Anwar Feroz said he hopes that the EMTC can set up training centers for basic CPR and BLS throughout India.

Adding more glamor to the event, the Summit is hosting a special session on the Impact of Cinema on Public Health and awareness with a live conversation with Bollywood stars and producers, including Dr. Kapasi, Shekar Das, Dipankar Banerjee, who shared their personal experiences of making movies on social themes that imparts education on various social topics.

Jonathan Ward, the principal commercial officer at the American Consulate in Kolkata, told the audience that the US Consulate in Kolkata is the first Consulate of the country in India. It was established in 1782. “Everyone of you is a personal ambassador helping build bilateral relationship between India and the US,” Ward said.

Organizers and judges of the GHS Young Innovators Research Competition at the famous Calcutta Medical College, being recognized with plaques.

Dr. Chandan K Sen, chairman of AAPI Global Healthcare Summit – Kolkata, stressed on the need of collaboration between the healthcare professionals from both countries. “It has been a privilege to serve you as the Chairman of this XI AAPI Global Healthcare Summit. Americans with Indian heritage are uniquely positioned to enrich the United States as well as India through collaborative efforts utilizing the strengths unique to each of the two countries,” Sen said. “I welcome participants of this Summit to follow their passion in advancing and developing such collaborative projects. I welcome you to Kolkata, where intellectual curiosity is woven deep into the fabric of its society.”

According to Dr. Naresh Parikh, president-elect of AAPI, who had proposed the vote of thanks, the scientific program of GHS 2017 was developed by leading experts with the contributions of a stellar Scientific Advisory Board and International Scientific Committee, while the event featuring plenary sessions, interactive round-tables, clinical practice workshops, and meet the expert sessions.

Vice President of India Venkiah Naidu will be Chief Guest at the Closing Ceremony of the Summit on December 30. West Bengal’s Finance Minister Dr. Amit Mitra will be the keynote speaker the gala and awards ceremony on 29th.

The AAPI delegation also visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi before visiting India, as part of the Summit. After the conclusion of the event in India, the members will visit Bhutan from January 1 – 4, 2018.

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