CHINDUSA Triangulation & WEF Davos 2018


Naseem Javed

CH-IND-USA; China, India and the USA are the world’s top three economies and they are intertwined in a growth and progressive triangulation. At WEF Davos 2018 the discussion clearly points to dealing with grassroots prosperity issues and diversity.

China, an ancient civilization and historically a proven global power, is now on the rise and in 3,650 days hopes to become the largest economic player in the world.

India, an ancient civilization with humble beginning for the first time in history is now poised to become the world’s leading economy.

America is relatively young, only a few hundred years old, but within those short years became one of the best performing nations on global stage.  This world power is now lagging behind China and will possibly lag behind India in the coming decade

How will all this play out and where are the hidden opportunities in collaborative synthesizim and deployment of nouveau entrepreneurialism?

It’s estimated that by 2020, India, China and some 100 micro-power-nations will add one billion new entrepreneurs as a result of prolonged economical advancements. Who are these nations? How were they transformed during last decade and why are they so rapidly multiplying their use of new technology platforms as their wings?

The current example of global deployment and mobilization: How did One Belt One Road project of China impact 4.4 billion people, 62% of the global population with combined GDP of $23 trillion creating three trillion in sales within China alone?  With 23 trillion needed in infrastructures China has already pledged one trillion dollars. Well done China

The USA is under new and lower tax plans and with massive entrepreneurial transformation under President Trump could possibly create a new dream become reality.  The jury is still out. A Successful America is good for all. No matter what, smart nations must demonstrate real entrepreneurial thought leadership amongst all leadership layers of the nation in order to move forward.

Now is the time to sort the apples and oranges.

The Four Horsemen of Human Resource Collapse

The unstoppable riders are coming to impact global economical models and lifestyles.

1- Re-definitions of Work: when work becomes universally mobile and will seek-out workers in their own habitats, eliminating the 9-5 rat race drastically impacting daily lives.  New living styles and new intellectualism will emerge.

2-Re-definitions of Work-Space: when office-less-offices start leaving office buildings, downtowns and corporate hierarchies morph, impacting economies with cities dwindling and suburbia blooms, new styles of consumerism and distribution will occur.

3-Re-definitions of Management: when free technologies replace senior and middle management and impact with new realities of social adjustments, a hyper productive inter-connected age with new styles of debates and engagements will force rapid transformation

4-Re-definitions of Time: when real time becomes a 24x7x365 live culture that overtakes the old style timelines and calendars slots. New habits, new occupations emerge and professional hobbies and nouveau entrepreneurialism starts taking over

These revelations will be good for soft-power-centric smart entrepreneurial nations of the global age, because finally smart folks will tango with smart machines and create a new world of prosperity.

The CHINDUSA challenges are to openly collaborate and openly create massive highly advanced digital trading platforms where billions of entrepreneurs can sprinkle grassroots prosperity. It’s all possible and this is how to make it happen:

Explore National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism,

Explore National Tolerance and Diversity Models

Explore National Entrepreneurial Immigration Models

Explore National Commercialization of Innovation Models

(Naseem Javed is the founder and Chairman of Mentorian Worldwide, the developers of Expothon Strategy and National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols. He is now leading a worldwide movement on how to create “supremacy of innovative excellence and business leadership performance” via high speed “mass market penetration strategy implementation module.” A corporate philosopher, he also conducts special “CEO Executive Workshops” and “Global Age Strategy Sessions” to create more powerful marketable “High-Value Global Corporate Assets.” Naseem is a world recognized authority on corporate nomenclature, global and domain naming complexities, and cyber affairs, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. He is building a global network of high quality Mentorian Ambassadors. LinkedIn:

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