‘The Breakfast Revolution’ enters US to eliminate malnutrition in India

The organization has been supporting the most underserved communities in India

The Breakfast Revolution, a Mumbai-based non-government organization that aims at providing all individuals with information and food to fight malnutrition, has entered the United States as a non-profit entity as it expands to find prospective donors for its humanitarian cause.

According to a statement on the organization’s website, “Malnutrition is a form of injustice. We envision an India where every individual, sick or well, has meaningful access to information and foods to fight malnutrition.”

The organization that has been supporting the most underserved communities in India – malnourished children and pregnant women, and patients with chronic health diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis, wants to establish partnerships with technical experts, philanthropists, and impact investors in the country in order to fight malnutrition in India.

“The Breakfast Revolution is now officially registered in the United States as a 501c3 non-profit entity. This means that, in addition to the tax exempt donations we receive from our Indian donors, any donation made from the USA is eligible for tax exemption as well!,” a Facebook post from the organization read.

The organization acknowledged the efforts made by Pankaj Jethawni and Arun Bhansali in commencing the operation in the US. “4 years ago, my mother and I set out on a journey to find a meaningful and scalable solution to fight malnutrition. We were motivated by the grim statistics we would read — ‘half of all child deaths are due to malnutrition’. But it wasn’t until we started working with our first few partners that we truly realized the unpleasant reality these numbers represented,” Jethawni wrote on Facebook.

“We were helped by countless friends, experts, and ‘strangers’ to get to where we are. 4 years later, with 70+ on-ground partners, 52,500 children treated and 5.5 million fortified meals and meal supplements served, we have some answers and are looking for more to #EndMalnutrition,” he added.

Neelam Jethwani Co-founder & COO of The Breakfast Revolution has been a part of Decimal Foundation for almost 6 years. According to her when The Breakfast Revolution was founded, she was very excited to be a part of it as it provides basic solutions for eradicating malnourishment.

According to its website, the organization’s snacks are aimed at revolutionizing the traditional approach to fighting malnutrition as they are affordable, tasty and nutritious.

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