Ohio Chamber of Commerce endorses Indian American Niraj Antani

OCC is one of Ohio’s oldest organizations to represent businesses.

Ohio Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (OCCPAC) has endorsed Indian American incumbent Niraj Antani for the upcoming House of Representatives, District 42 Republican primary to be held on May 8.

Announcing the endorsement on Twitter, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee tweeted, “OCCPAC endorses Rep. @NirajAntani for House District 42 in the May 8 Primary Election.”

Earlier, Ohio Chamber of Commerce (OCC) had acknowledged the efforts made by Antani who introduced HB 450 to amend the existing health insurance law.

Ohio lawmaker Niraj Antani says he is ‘not advocating the arming of students’  – March 16, 2018

“Health care mandates increase the cost of health insurance, leaving less money for companies to expand & hire new workers. Thanks, Rep. Niraj Antani for introducing HB 450 to provide #MandateRelief,” OCC posted on its official Facebook handle.

Antani was recently marred by controversy regarding gun bill when he was quoted by a few media houses saying that students 18 and above should be allowed to openly carry long guns to schools. The representative later accused a reporter of misinterpreting his statement and said that he is “not advocating the arming of students.”

Antani is a cosponsor of the bill that was passed by the House in July 2017. The bill is currently before a state Senate committee and proposes “to provide an opportunity for a concealed handgun licensee or qualified military member to avoid charges for carrying a deadly weapon into a prohibited place if the person leaves upon request, and to penalize failure to leave upon request or returning with a firearm.”

Ohio lawmaker Niraj Antani says he is ‘not advocating the arming of students’ – March 16, 2018

Democrat Zach Dickerson, who is vying for Antani’s seat, questioned in a tweet the lawmaker’s support for the pro-gun bill despite the escalation of incidents of mass shooting in the United States.

Founded in 1893, OCC is one of Ohio’s oldest organizations to represent businesses by pitching in for free enterprise, economic competitiveness, and growth for the benefit of business organizations in Ohio.

In the Republican primary, incumbent Antani will battle out with fellow Republicans Sarah Clark and Marcus Rech, and the winner of the election will represent the party in the general election to be held on November 6.

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